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I’m a Pacific Northwesterner with a bad case of wanderlust! This is both a Pacific Northwest blog and Travel blog, all rolled into one mixed bag of crunchy PNW and Travel goodness!

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Welcome to Pacific Northwest and Beyond, a growing Pacific Northwest travel blog and more.

PNW and Beyond features: Articles about local places: things to do in the Pacific Northwest, food, outdoor activities (day hikes, cycling, kayaking). Travel blog articles: places, travel tips, products. A Pacific Northwest event calendar with events currently primarily in the Puget Sound area, but open to events in the region. I’m also more than a bit of a gear junkie and like to post about products that I’ve tried, outdoor gear, and the like. Travel-inspired recipes (at least I tell myself they are) are here as well and the occasional post about photography.

The Latest

Should I Buy A Rooftop Tent?

I spent two and a half weeks on the road with a rooftop tent. Here’s a general review with some things to think about if you’re considering buying a rooftop tent.

Visiting the Gion Kyoto Starbucks

I’m from Seattle, where there seems to be a Starbucks on every corner. So when travel, I tend keep away. But I’m glad I ended up going into the Gion Starbucks in Kyoto — it’s a different world than your average Starbucks.

Thule Hullavator Demo and Review

I guess the Thule Hullavator is like an elevator, only for your hull (of your kayak). I’ve used the Hullavator for a few years now — overall it’s a nice piece of gear and lets me schlep my kayak around solo. But it does have a few drawbacks as well. Here’s what I think, with a video demo.


Otaku Kyoto

Tokyo, of course, is known for its Anime, Manga, pop culture — but what about Kyoto? When I toted my Anime-loving daughter along to Kyoto, I was worried that she would simply hang out at the AirBNB which, largely, she did. But we did find some loosely “Otaku” things to do in Kyoto (my daughter’s objection to the term duly noted).

Eight Online Resources to Satisfy Your Vintage Seattle Soul

Looking for info about days gone by in Seattle? Here are eight online resources to soothe your retro Seattle soul, including groups, archives of historic Seattle photos, and other resources.

Ten Zen: Temples in Kyoto

While I was visiting a temple in Kyoto, I heard someone repeating “this is the heart of Zen.” Kyoto is, at least, the center of the Rinzai sect of Zen Buddhism and there were far more temples than I could visit during my time there. Here are ten that I visited from the highly touristed to the more remote.

Assorted Miscellany


Whew! I recently returned from a long (mostly) rooftop camping road trip that, like many of my adventures, came both with joys and mistakes and unexpected expenses. That was followed up by a couple of shorter adventures. But now I’m getting settled back down and getting back to the blog. In the (hopefully) near future, here’s some planned posts that you can expect:

  • A seasonal post about Autumn events in the Puget Sound area.
  • A visit to the Hobbit House in Orondo, WA. (Yes, I finally got there and, yes, I loved it).
  • Making a tapas-inspired appetizer (inspired by The Paella Bar, one of my favorite Poulsbo restaurants).

And more posts related to the Halloween season, day hikes, cycling places, and whatever else inspires me. 


Most Recent Blog Update Post:

Hitting the Road (Hopefully)

Just an update before I (hopefully) hit the road.

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