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A mixed crunchy-granola-bag-o-content including some stuff about travel destinations, a bit about nature, and an assortment of stuff about the beautiful PNW.

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There's Plenty to Explore Not Far From Your Own Backyard!

When I semi-retired, it seemed I’d have somewhat more time and money for travel. And my adventure began! 

And then something happened…Hmmm. Wonder what that was?

While I love to travel abroad, being home during the pandemic forced me to reconsider both my travel aspirations and my approach to this blog.

Pacific Northwest and Beyond Photos of Bridge in Sequim and Seattle Map
Castle Varrich


Stuff about our favorite place on Earth!

A small calendar with curated and user-submitted PNW events.

Travel-abroad posts about non-PNW places and travel.

Favorite walks, hikes, and map markers of places we’ve been.

Pacific Northwest Lake Tipsoo and Mount Rainier


is It?

Lake Tipsoo and Mount Rainier

Note that the above image isn't ours...but we visited this wonderful area lately. Hopefully, we can get ourselves around to developing our photos and writing about it. We highly recommend the hike around Naches Peak loop, especially in August when they area is full of wildflowers.



Posts in this section MAY comprise any of the bioregion sometimes called “Cascadia”: Washington States, Oregon, Idaho, and lower British Columbia,

However, our posts TEND to center around the Puget Sound area, as that’s the area we call “home.”

Foulweather Bluff Sign
Day Hikes

Foulweather Bluff

Foulweather Bluff is a protected nature refuge in Hansville, WA. It offers a short family-friendly hike to the beach and great birdwatching!

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Photo Galleries



We plan to get back to photography in the near future! We are decided amateurs, but love getting a good photo when we go places. From time to time you might find us posting a photo album.

View of Paris from Montparnasse Tower
Bald Eagle at Hansville, WA
Arashiyama Kyoto Otagi Nembutsu-ji TempleA happy mossy stone figure at Otagi Nembutsu-ji temple in Kyoto, Japan
Monkey at Arashiyama Monkey Park



We, of course, were going more places pre-pandemic! And, lately, we’re focusing more on close-to-home-fun. But here are our posts about places abroad, travel tips, and thoughts on wanderlust.

Castle Varrich

Exploring the North Coast 500 Part One: Planning Your Adventure

This is the first in what will be a long series of posts about Scotland’s North Coast 500 — an epic and memorable road trip (though I’d better write about it before I forget about it!) This post consists of an introduction and some tips and resources for trip planning. Future posts will comprise stops along the route and some other places in Scotland.

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Santiago de Compostela
Rebecca Brown

48 Hours in Santiago de Compostela: See, Do, Eat

Santiago de Compostela is a fascinating town with a rich history visited each year by the many pilgrims who come to walk the Camino de Santiago.
Here are the best things to do if you have 48 hours to spend in this Spanish town.

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House with Waterwheel on Marie Antoinette's Farm

Marie Antoinette. Peasant.

On the grounds of Versailles, away from the palace, and away from her house on the grounds, Marie Antoinette had a rustic village and farm constructed where she could get away from palace life and pretend to be a peasant.

Here’s more about this interesting area of Versailles, that I actually enjoyed visiting more than the Hall of Mirrors.

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best vr travel experiences and online virtual tours
The Armchair Traveler: Books, TV, movies, and entertainment

Traveling the World…Virtually

When you’re stuck at home one way to possibly assuage your travel lust is to go on some virtual tours.

Plenty are available on your laptop or desktop and, if you’re lucky enough to be staying home with a VR headset, you can heighten the escapism with plenty of 360 degree videos and adventures.

Here are some of my favorites.

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Path of Phlosophy Route Kyoto

Walking the Philosopher’s Path…Plus

The Path of Philosophy is a classic Kyoto walk — especially in Spring as the path is lined with cherry trees.

This is an extended route (with accompanying routemap) that takes you not only on the Tetsugaku no Michi itself, but also through many nearby temples.

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Shirohige Cream Puff Factory Totoro Cafe Totoro Cream Puffs

The Cutest Little Cream Puffs in Tokyo

Toyko (and much of Japan, for that matter) is a great place to find kawaii (cute) desserts! If you’re a Studio Ghibli fan visiting Toyko, you might find these cream puffs a little too cute to eat! Here’s more about visiting Shirohige’s Cream Puff Factory.

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