Three Washington State Spots to Soothe Your Hobbit Soul

Pining for the Shire? Here are a few places to visit to quell your hobbity cravings without visiting Middle Earth.

Books and Boats! The unique beauty of Venice’s Libreria Acqua Alta

The books in this unique Venice bookstore sit raised in gondolas and other boats due to the rising water levels.

Planning a Trip to Venice? Here are Some Things to Consider.

Tourists outnumber residents in Venice, leading to CNN recently naming it as a destination to avoid in 2018. If you still plan to go, here are some of my thoughts on things to consider when planning your trip.

Why I Want to Travel Alone (Sometimes)

People often seem surprised to hear that I want to travel solo sometimes. Here’s why.


I was a girl who waited. But I’m far past the age where I can dream that some alien dude in a police box will land in my backyard and whisk me away to explore the universe. I’m done waiting to travel — I can whisk myself away, thank you very much! And, lucky me, I live in a beautiful pocket of the wibbly wobbly timey wimey spacey wacey continuum so when I can’t travel, am busy exploring the PNW — and writing about it.

…or so I said.  Family circumstances have prevented me from traveling as much as I would like this year and I haven’t been happy with this site’s theme…so I’m making changes.  I plan to start exploring, writing, and photographing again in 2019.  Please come back for more in the new year.

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Read my Essay in 1889 Magazine

In July of 2016, I took a kayak trip from Bainbridge to Blake Island with a bunch of adventurous women led my Maria Cook and Spring Courtright of Journey for Purpose.  In the back of the October/November 2018 issue, 1889 Magazine published my short essay about a memorable event during that trip. You’ll have to read it to find out what happened. But, as I mentioned in the article, I’ve ditched my slogan of “I love NOT camping,” and look forward to further adventures in the summer of 2019.

Cheryl in Kayak

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If you’re lucky to live in the PNW, especially around the Puget Sound, I keep a small calendar of local events and weekly (or when I feel so inspired), I choose a few to feature on the blog.

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