Pacific Northwest and Beyond is an adventure blog with an emphasis on destinations and things to do both in the Pacific Northwest and Beyond, but with an emphasis on the Puget Sound area. Our posts represent a granola-like mixture of profiles of local towns, parks, and activities, local events, and outdoor activities that our region has to offer, as well as local routes and lodging. We also write about the older days in Seattle, as that’s our hometown, and travel tips or gear recommendations as it fits with our blog content. But the emphasis here is on places to go and things to do.

Whew! That is my too-long and unfocused mission statement for this blog. I felt like I had to write one as I was beginning to get unfocused. I was dying to sometimes write about other things, but finding that my subscribers didn’t really want to hear about them, so I relocated them elsewhere (and subscribers who stuck with me, I’ll not write an “about this blog” type post more than twice a year.)

What you can expect to find here going forward:

Primary Emphasis:

  • Pacific Northwest places
  • Pacific Northwest activities
  • Pacific Northwest things to do
  • Camping, hiking, cycling, and outdoor activities
  • Travel destinations: places to go and things to see

Lesser Emphasis:

  • Seattle Vintage
  • Travel tips and products
  • Travel stories and personal reflections
  • Outdoor gear and reviews
  • Books reviews and recommendations: PNW or travel-related

I plan to get back to focusing on area #1, and I’ve moved recipes, foreign language posts and such elsewhere. As trails have started opening back up, I’m looking foward to getting back into better shape and exploring the area again. Locally, for now — but I have a bunch of travel posts yet-unwritten.

But I’ll still include posts in the “lesser emphasis” category. And I’ll still accept some sponsored posts, and guest posts as guest posts add content and liven up the blog by including additional voices and sponsored posts help me fund this project.

How Pacific Northwest and Beyond Started

I started a local blog with a few posts a few years ago but was working full-time, and that, plus family demands, limited my energy for writing. Then, finally, I quit my “day job” due to family demands, but it also freed me up to start traveling and writing.

While full-time travel sounds appealing, I choose not to (I won’t say “can’t”) because I am more committed to my family, and that decision wouldn’t be right for them. And I love the Puget Sound area; as much as I love exploring the world, here is home to me.

But I grappled with what to write about — not in terms of writer’s block, but in terms of having too many ideas and having difficulty narrowing them down. The idea of writing fiction appealed to me, but it’s also the only time I truly experience writer’s block. At first, I decided to write about travel and the PNW, and writing, but began to narrow it down, changed the blog’s name a couple of times, and, finally, PNW & Beyond was born.

About Me

Pacific Northwest Blog author Cheryl on park bench in Paris.

My name is Cheryl Dimof. If I had to describe myself in one small statement, I’d say that I’m an INFJ — and sometimes P — who likes to write. Despite being introverty, I spent much of my career in a very non-introverty profession. And I like to travel and sometimes, despite being on that far “I” spectrum of introversion, I don’t mind braving crowds to see new places and experience new things.

I also have a family, and some of them don’t relish travel as much as I do. That, combined with my love for my home area, the PNW, finances, and having some reservations (no not plane reservations; they were cancelled) about the ethics of frequent travel in regard to carbon emissions and global warming make me not a nomad (though if I were and I could, I would stay in one place for prolonged periods of time.)

But when they let me out, I love traveling alone. I’ve found I even usually didn’t mind camping alone during a long road trip. That, however, does not mean that I don’t love traveling with my family as well. Both are fun, just different.

Currently, I’m also writing two different blogs: Love. Coffee. WordPress, where I can go when I want to write about blogging, and Caffeine Journal which is the thing I write in the morning and just includes a bunch of stuff. I’m starting to get back to adding a few posts on Medium, which I recently re-joined (I quit because I didn’t like the sound of one clap clapping — and if you’re on Medium, you know what I mean.) I wrote a blog about Buddhism years ago under a pseudonym and am bringing “her” back on one of my blogs and starting to doodle related cartoons again. I’ve written a few published things in the past and done some web design projects for others. If you want to see my “portfolio” you can do it here.

At various times, I’ve been a lover of outdoor activities such as kayaking and long-distance road cycling; I’m trying to slowly get back into shape after some minor health problems deterred me.

I’m from Seattle and still live nearby in the little Norwegian-esque town of Poulsbo, which is one of those places tourists fawn over and say, “it’s so cute.” Why haven’t I written about it yet? I was planning to go all-out, find some of my existing video footage, go to Viking Fest this year and complete the mix. But then, COVID. I’m rethinking the way I do blog posts, though, and may just write a detailed but fun post without trying to make it into a lengthy video production.

Anyway, thank you for visiting Pacific Northwest and Beyond. I welcome your feedback and contributions.


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