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Pacific Northwest & Beyond started as a tiny local blog with a few posts. I didn’t have much time to work on a blog, but when I left my full-time job and started traveling a bit more, I started putting more time into this website and it went through a number of iterations.

Then that pandemic happened (and, really, is still happening) and I had to rethink the time I spent doing an events calendar, and I do not plan to travel as much (though I still will) as I thought I would.

Like our mascot, the giant octopus, we’ve sometimes had to morph and change with the circumstances, but I’m still here.

During the pandemic, like many people I started crafting, which led (as often it does) to an Etsy shop. I’m still taking this year to decide how much I actually LIKE all of this crafting. Lately, I’ve been anxious to get back to going some places and feeling more motivated to do photography. And work on this website.

So I’m, again, in the process of revamping this website, though slowly. I enjoy blogging, I enjoy photography. I don’t enjoy writing promotional posts, doing affiliate advertising and the like. I’d rather make a few things or do photography to support my hobbies, this blog being one of many. Likely, I’ll re-add a little events calendar, at least early next year. And I’ll likely add a wiki-type section where I can post my observations about local places and my bird photos. But I plan to focus more on what I feel like writing vs. any particular audience — though I’ll likely keep things to a local and travel flavor — whether it be nature, local books, etc. And I’ll likely keep up my little shop.

You’re welcome to follow along via the email list, but I’ll likely be making some changes to some of the groups there so I can automate more and focus on the fun parts.

Who Are “We”?

It’s really a bit of a royal we…

Pacific Northwest and Beyond, LLC is owned and run by one person, Cheryl Dimof, who sometimes gets assistance from her daughter with certain handmade items. We’re located in the lovely little Norwegian-esque town of Poulsbo, a short ferry ride from Seattle.

We also run another online shop, A Bit of Wow, and also have an Etsy shop that combines items from both websites. Everything we sell here we also sell on A Bit of Wow — but we have this venue for items that are PNW-oriented, outdoorsy, and the like.

We are a small, home-based business that operates for the purposes of fun and for coffee and hobby money without deducting from the retirement fund!

Getting Hold of Us

To reach us, the best way is via our contact page for general inquiries. If you’re wondering about returns, there’s a form for that on our returns page. If you have a specific question, you may find the answer on our FAQ page. If not, you can ask there for the benefit of future visitors.

Our history

I always wanted to travel but…

There were other things to do, and not that much time off.  And a myriad of other excuses/reasons.

Eventually, though, I quit my day job for family reasons and after that found that I could travel for not as much $ as I believed it would cost. And I was able to create some time away where I could travel alone. And found I loved it more than anything.

For fun, I had started a very small blog about the local area (under a different name than this) but had not much time to work on it. So, eventually, my little blog became a small blog and it became Pacific Northwest & Beyond. I started writing more about travel and the local area. I added an event calendar, and was enjoying running it. At the very least, it kept ME up to date on happenings i the community.

And then a few funny (or rather NOT funny) things happened: I was suddenly confronted with having to deal with various situations with an irascible and increasingly confused older relative. 

And then there was (is) that pandemic.

I feel very fortunate to be in the position where I COULD stay at home and isolate. But, same as for everyone else, there went my travel plans. And I spent a lot of time removing events from the calendar. I started, and ended some other blogs. And then I started making things. Which led to another website and an Etsy shop…..

So read on about our shop

For 2022, though, I also plan to begin exploring photography again and adding some posts to this website when I feel inspired. It may be some as-yet-unwritten travel posts. It might be something I find about local nature. We’ll see…

The PNW & Beyond Shop

So I’ve brought our shop back. 

What I plan to add here in the near future (after getting my existing mugs and stickers added) are woodcut art, sewn items, jewelry, and more. Things with a PNW, travel, or outdoorsy theme. Keep posted!

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