Pacific Northwest and Beyond is a growing Pacific Northwest blog, travel blog, and Pacific Northwest event calendar.

2019 came with some unexpected twists that deterred my blogging for a while. But 2020 is on its way and we’re looking forward to improving this site and expanding our content.

Look below for some of the things you might find on this blog. If you’re wondering “is this blog for me?” you might want to read the blurb on our homepage. 

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Here’s what you’ll find on the site:

Some of these currently are…”eventuallies.” 2019 has seen me updating the site design and starting to write about some travel destinations, local places, and working on the events calendar. But I intend to do so much more in 2020…

Pacific Northwest Blog

This beautiful place is my home! Whether you’re a local looking for new places to explore or something to do or someone who plans to visit the area, this is the section for you!

Travel Blog

I love to travel! 2019 has seen me focusing on travel destinations, and I definitely have more coming in 2020! But I plan to start adding more travel tips and resources in 2020.

As a midlife traveler, a former OT, and a parent of a young adult with high-functioning autism, I’m also interested in issues involving traveling and aging or traveling with challenges. Though that’s not the focus of this blog, I do plan to address some of these issues in future posts.

Pacific Northwest Event Calendar

Pacific Northwest and Beyond has a small, but growing calendar of Puget Sound area and PNW Events.

Seattle Vintage

As an expat Seattelite (expat only if living “across the pond” in Poulsbo counts!) I sometimes like to look back on days gone by. This section features posts about Seattle memories. I invite you to submit yours.


I’m an amateur photographer but do know my way around the settings on my camera. If I learn something or find something that inspires me, I’ll share along the way.

Travel-Inspired Recipes

Want to make baguettes? Learn to make taiyaki or macarons? Tapas? You might not find it here just yet, and I generally don’t love to cook – but I do love to experiment in the kitchen with specialty foods that remind me of places I’ve been — or want to go.

Foreign Language Resources

I’m a French learner (and not a good one, currently my French is trés mal!) and my daughter’s learning Japanese. Travel inspires learning a language, and the reverse is true as well. Maybe if I learn French, I’ll be even more inspired to go back again! And (so “they”say) learning a new language can be good for your brain even if you don’t travel often!


I like quotes — travel quotes and otherwise — though sometimes I find quotes that sound inspirational but…aren’t. I plan to add a section to the site late 2019 or early 2020 with quotables.

Wandering Mind

When my feet aren’t wandering, often my mind is. This is my “back of the site” section reserved for posting on off-topic subjects.

And there are some things you won’t find on this site:

Posts About Blogging

It’s natural for a blogger to want to start writing about blogging. And I have that itch, too! But I’ve decided to scratch it by blogging about that (in a sort of tongue-in-cheek way) on another blog.

Things You "Simply Must" Do

For some reason, when I see the words “Simply Must” in a blog post, I don’t read it. My internal curmudgeon gets triggered; I simply don’t have to do anything! I know why those words are there…they just have the opposite effect on me than intended.

I’m not saying that I won’t write about places you should consider going, or things you should consider doing. But if you see me put “Simply Must” in a post title, and I’m not being ironic, please make sure I haven’t been replaced by an evil doppelganger!

Pictures of Me in a Swimsuit on the Beach

Except for here.

I actually have a nice bikini-beach-romping photo of me. In 1994. Somewhere. But me in my big-girl chair is all you’ll see here.

I’m not into posting too many self-portraits. I do add my photo on occasion (and I’ve experimented with doing videos), but in general I think that travel blogs should be about places and things to do.

Cheryl is chief blogeuse of Pacific Northwest and Beyond. She is reluctant to write too much about herself here, but realizes that every blog needs an “about me” page. She, fortunately, rarely writes about herself in third person.

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So far, I haven't concentrated much on the food aspect of this blog. I may add a user-submitted recipe form in the future, but at present am just adding my own few recipes. However, if you have a recipe that could be considered "travel-inspired" (and most recipes are based on some national cuisine), that we might be interested in, you can always use our guest post form.

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