This is the general privacy and disclosures page for our website. Since we first wrote this page, we’ve added a feature that automatically adds privacy and cookie policy pages for various locations.

Sometimes, automatically generated privacy policies can be confusing, but we use them to have them in the proper legalese and because it’s much easier to keep the various cookies and services up to date on our website as we make changes.

What’s up with “Do Not Sell My Personal Information”?

Please keep in mind if you’re in the US, you’re likely seeing the “Do not sell my personal information” page option which is the wording of the CCPA. For that, things like using Google Analytics and Adsense — features we use on this website constitute a “sale” of information.

HOWEVER, what we do NOT do is take your data that you create as a user here or that our newsletter forms collect when you register for our email newsletters and SELL that data to third parties. We do not sell the contents of our email list or our customer or user list.

Our privacy pages:

So, here it is, all of the privacy policy pages we have listed here. Most are automatically generated based on the services used on this website. We write the Shop Terms and Conditions page ourselves.

About Registering, Adding Content, Etc.

When you register for an account, you have the option of disclosing information on your user profile. Some is private, like your password or customer information (if you’re a customer), some — like your user photos — may only be seen by friend or members, and some is public, like your bio which will be shown under posts you add.

It is up to you whether you want to add this type of information. To register, you simply need to add your name, email, and a username.

If you submit content, you are declaring that you have the rights to post this content, and we have the right to refuse any post for any reason.

You might disclose information when you participate in comments, discussion threads, groups, etc. and you are disclosing information to us when you leave information on contact forms.

On some of our forms we do collect IP information for some locations as we’ve had problems with spam at times despite the usual measures and this enables us to ban users or bots who repeatedly send spam to our contact forms, getting past our anti-spam measures. We do not retain such data on our website, however, and delete emails when we receive or repond to them.

Subscribe to email notifications. By default, we’ll send occasional newsletters. But you can customize your choices at any time and you can always unsubscribe if you’d like.

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