What follows is our privacy and disclosures policy. We keep an auto-generated policy so we can easily make changes as we add or remove features. However, occasionally, we like to write a tidbit in here first. If you’re here, maybe you followed the link in our cookie notice bar

We’re not in the EU or California, we’re in Washington State. However, we do get some visitors from both and decided that even though we’re a mini blog we’d keep in comliance with current policies. Doing that and finding a cookie solution that is affordable for a website with as many pages as ours, and one that does not break our website or cause technical issues has been a challenge.

Our current status is that:

  • We anonymize your IP in Google Analytics so that we could not even find you specifically if we wanted to. IPs collected with star rankings are also anonymized and a cookie is set to remember you so you don’t leave multiple rankings. If you opt-in to our email newsletter, your IP may be collected which gives us a general location of where you are so we can send you event emails and the like for your general area, if you opt in to them.
  • We do show advertisements on our website — we need to earn some money from this website so we can make it better and continue to do this and grow this blog. Advertising is one of the ways we support this. We’ve experimented with showing ads only on opt-in, but then a page reload is required and frequent page reloading turned out to be problematic. Currently, for the EU and California our website is showing non-personalized ads.
  • We have experimented with using Viglink to monetize our website. It’s a service that adds affiliate links to keywords. Viglink is not loaded until opt-in is completed.
  • We use things like Google Maps and YouTube videos, maps from GaiaGPS and RideWithGPS and the like to add “pzazz” (is that even how you spell it?) to our website. Know that the cookies exist. We found blocking them and then unblocking problematic — sometimes videos would not load. If you don’t want to use those things, don’t visit.
  • We do not and would not “sell your information,” unless you think that viewing an ad or having anonymized analytics data involves selling your information…and that’s very, very questionable. We will never sell names on our email list or otherwise sell your info to third parties.

Whew! That’s done. Now you can read on or go read one of our posts.

Privacy and Disclosures Policy

Who “we” are

Pacific Northwest and Beyond, LLC, is currently run by Cheryl Dimof, an individual writer, blogger, and web designer. The site address is https://www.pnwbeyond.com.

Please scroll down to view our full privacy policy including privacy and data collection information for the various plugins, apps, and services that we use on our site.

What personal data we collect and why we collect it

We may gather information about you if you:

  • Register on this site, place comments, or opt-in to our newsletter.
  • Participate in any polls or surveys we post on this site.
  • Email us or use a contact form.

We will never sell or trade your personal information. If you opt-in to our email newsletters, you will always have the option of opting out by clicking a link at the bottom of any email communication).

We also use Google Analytics and several third party plugins on this site.  We may use information from Google Analytics to give us a better idea of our site traffic and demographics to improve our website and content and for advertising data in the future.

If you would like specifics about how the plugins we use on this site collect and use information, read on below.

Affiliate Links

Posts on this site may include affiliate links.  If posts contain affiliate links it will be clearly noted at the beginning of the post or page.  What this means is that if there is a link to a product or a service, and you click the link and then make a purchase, we would get a small commission from that sale.  This helps to offset the cost of our website.

First, here are a few plugins we use that are not listed in the privacy policy below:

EWWW Image Optimizer

User-submitted images may be transmitted to image compression servers in the United States and stored there for up to 30 days.

WP Recipe Maker:

Bootstrapped Ventures, the developer of WP Recipe Maker, does not have access to any of the data collected by the plugin. This is all stored in our local database and not communicated back to Bootstrapped Ventures.

What personal data we collect and why we collect it


When comment ratings are enabled we store the rating a user has given to a recipe along with the personal data WordPress core stores.


When user ratings are enabled we store a WPRM_User_Voted_%recipe% cookie (with %recipe% the ID of the recipe) that contains the rating this user has given to a particular recipe. This cookie is used as (one of the) measures to prevent rating spam.

IP Address

When user ratings are enabled we store the IP address upon voting. This is used as (one of the) measures to prevent rating spam.

Their own manually input information

With the Recipe Submission feature personal data can be collected, depending on the fields that were added to the form. This can include the user email and name. When using the reCAPTCHA feature you will be agreeing to their terms of use and privacy policy.

How long we retain your data

Our cookies are stored for 30 days. User submitted data is stored indefinitely in the local database.

Here is a full privacy policy for our site with more specific information for third party providers that we use:

Privacy Policy

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