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Our Book Hub page is a resource for book lovers, featuring posts on Pacific Northwest books, reviews, local bookstores, and literary events. We share content about books set in local places, written by local authors, and cover a variety of genres, including photography. Additionally, we offer book trivia, forums for discussion, and encourage guest posts and reviews from readers. We're passionate about reading in general and enjoy featuring books beyond our regional focus.
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Welcome to our Book Hub page. This is a page to make it more easy to find anything on this website related to books, be it Pacific Northwest books, book reviews, looks at lovely bookstores, book trivia or book-related PNW events.

Pacific Northwest Books, Books Reviews, and more.

We especially love finding fiction about familiar local places. We love books on the PNW or written by local authors. We love photography books and…heck we love reading in general! While book blogging isn’t our main thing here (though sometimes our pull is in that direction), we do write book reviews or book posts from time to time.

What are you reading now? Or what’s your favorite book?

Here’s what you’ll find on this page:

Book-centric posts and book reviews, freshly blogged.

Here are the most recent book posts we’ve published recently. Some might be about the PNW, travel, novels by local authors, or photography. Others may just be off-topic books that we’ve read and reviewed. Others might be about bookstores we’ve visited!

Photography, Book Lists, Book Reviews, Books

What is “contemplative photography”? + some books on the subject

What is contemplative, or mindful, photography? Here’s a look at the subject along with mini-reviews of a number of books that are available on the subject.

Book Reviews, Books

Remarkably Bright Creatures Book Review

Remarkably Bright Creatures by Shelby van Pelt, set in a fictional town a couple hours north of Seattle, is a good read if you like: books set in the PNW, the giant pacific octopus, or feel good reads. This is a brief review.

Books, Book Lists

Set in Seattle: Seattle-centric books to quench your lust for the Emerald City

We just updated this one…a bit. Here are some great (or possibly great, we haven’t read all of them but we eventually want to) books set in the Emerald City.

Book Reviews, Books

Review of Hollow Kingdom and Feral Creatures

Review of the first two (we hope there will be more) books in the Hollow Kingdom Series by Kira Jane Buxton: Hollow Kingdom and Feral Creatures. You might like these books if you like: crows, zombies, apocalytic fiction, animals, nature, Cheetos and/or Seattle.

Book Lists, Books

Six Hand-Drawn Travel Books That Just Might Make You Want to Put Down the Camera and Pick Up a Pencil

If you’re like me, sometimes when you travel you’re tempted to spend part of your trip behind the lens of a camera or snapping photos on your phone to share later. But putting down the gadgets and picking up a pencil can help us to slow down and have a more “mindful” journey. Here are six hand-drawn books I’ve recently enjoyed about travel or places that just might inspire me to put down the camera (only for a bit) and pick up a pencil.

Book Reviews, Books

Why Didn’t I Hear of the Seattle Walk Report Before This?

The Seattle Walk Report is a charming Instagram account. — and now book — especially if you’re a local. How did I miss it until now?

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Beautiful Bookstores

Once in a while, we write about bookstores. Here are any posts tagged as such:

Places to Go and Things to See, Pacific Northwest, PNW Things to Do

Best Bookstores in Seattle

Seattle is a literate city — Seattle tops many lists for things such as “most well-read population,” and “most literate city.” And in 2017 Seattle earned the UNESCO “City of Literature” designation. Yes, Seattle is home to Amazon — but Seattle is also home to some wonderful independent bookstoresl. Here are our favorite (independent) Seattle bookstores that we’ve visited — both new and used.

Travel, Travel Destinations

Books and Boats! The unique beauty of Venice’s Libreria Acqua Alta

Read more about this beautiful and unique Venice bookstore that has its books in gondolas and other boats due to Venice’s rising water level.

Pacific Northwest Books and Literary Events from Our Calendar

These are any upcoming local book-related or literary events (which may include author readings or lectures) from our calendar.
David Sedaris Seattle at Benaroya Hall

David Sedaris Seattle at Benaroya Hall

November 10, 2024
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Seattle WorldCon 2025

Seattle WorldCon 2025

August 13, 2025 - August 17, 2025
All Day

Book Groups and Forums

Sometimes we just wanted to share something that didn’t require an entire article. So we’ve added groups and forums. We invite you to join in or create an (on-topic) group if you’d like. Here are book groups, if any, that we currently have:

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Book Trivia!

We’ve started adding some trivia quizzes to our mix! Book-related trivia quizzes we make in the future will appear below:
12311 Next

Bookish Products

Here are some book-related products from our shop. No not the awesome card catalog below them. We wish we had that! But here’s what we do have:

old card catalog converted into a bookshelf at Mercer Books in Seattle used as a photo for Pacific Northwest books hub page and book reviews
We love books! Are you like us and old enough to remember sorting through a card catalog instead of looking things up on a computer? I adored this old, converted card catalog at Mercer Books in Seattle and I WANT IT!

In conclusion & other stuff

We also accept guest posts from readers. We used to have a particular book review form but, currently, we’re just using our regular guest post form. If you’d like to write a book review, you can go here and just make sure you include the important info: author, ISBN, and your review stars and we’ll format it for you!

If there’s a particular book that you think we should read and review, you can contact us and let us know. We can’t promise that we’ll read and review it — but we’ll consider. Hey, you could always write one yourself!

As we mentioned, we particularly like reviews of: books by local authors, fiction set in local areas, fiction set in travel locations, Pacific Northwest books, books on the natural world, photography books…but we do plan to add some reviews in our off-topic section in the future.

We also accept posts on bookstores, or other book-related places such as libraries. We’ve visited many to most of Seattle’s bookstores and like to stop at bookstores when we get the chance to travel. Come to think of it, there are many book-related spots we can think of that we need to revisit (after a long time away from them) and write about!

If you’d like to add a book-related trivia quiz, you need to be logged in. You can find the form in your member profile. You can also start a book-related discussion group from there or join in one if we have any currently active book groups.

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