Accepting PNW-Based Online Events, Too!

We’re still accepting events — even (and especially) ones that have gone online. You can submit your event for free. You can submit an event without logging in. However, if you’d like to be able to come back and manage your events later, you can create an account and come back as a logged-in user.

Then, if there are any changes you need to make, if you are logged in you will see a button on this page or on your profile page allowing you to view and edit your events. It will also make it easier for us to reach you if we have any questions.

Here’s the form. However, please read the form below for some guidelines.

Tips and Requests for Submitting Your PNW Event

These tips make it easier for us to process your event and make it more likely we’ll post it.

  1. Even if your event is online, we’re still keeping our calendar to PNW-region events and have an emphasis on western Washington.
  2. If your event is online, please list a venue; add it as either as Zoom meeting, Facebook live, or whatever it is. If it has a Zoom room code that you are freely giving out, you can list that as well.
  3. Please do add a link where visitors can view the event’s source, if you have one.
  4. Please add a date and time for your event…or all day, if it’s an all day event. If your event has different times on different days, or different opening hours, the form has a recurring event tool. Please add the correct dates and times for your event. If you are having difficulty and the recurring events tool is not working please contact us.
  5. It’s nice if you can add a featured image — it helps your event stand out better.
  6. Please give organizer information.

Thanks for contributing to our calendar! If you’re feeling like it, you can always buy us a coffee.

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