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Here’s what you’ll find on this page:

Email Newsletter Subscription Form

Note that most areas here are NOT required. All that is required is your email address, at least one content area selection, and clicking the subscribe button…then following up on the confirmation email.

Again, check the FAQ section below for more information about the various selections. Note that what the “I want more email!” selection at the bottom will do is this: if you are subscribed to a “hub” area that generally sends out a monthly newsletter, checking this will get you single-post notifications in that area of content as well as the monthly newsletter and we may send you special offers, if any, from or site or our partners in that area. We don’t do so often, but sometimes we come across something that subscribers may be interested in, but is too time-sensitive to stick in a monthly hub newsletter.

How else can I subscribe?

You can, of course, also follow us on social media. What we post may vary depending on the channel…and our lives at the moment.

We are also configuring groups on our website. We are planning on putting in some default groups that pertain to some of the categories of this website. If you join such a group, you can then subscribe to emails about activity in that group by frequency. You can also choose, if you’d like, to sign up for push notifications for that group.

We can, then, add new posts to the appropriate group as they are published. Be aware, however, that you will be notified of not just posts, but all member activity, new forum discussions, etc in that group, not all of which may be moderated by us in advance.

Newsletter and Email Frequently Asked Questions

These are some questions about email newsletters, and emails from this website in general. If you don’t see your specific question here, use the Ask a Question button to ask.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I received an email from Pacific Northwest & Beyond either asking me to confirm my subscription to the newsletter or with some other message, but I never tried to sign up!

    Wait! Don’t hit the spam button!

    If you received an email asking you to confirm your subscription to our email newsletter(s) and didn’t try to subscribe to emails, we’ve very sorry!

    But not to worry! If you don’t click the confirm button or link, you won’t be signed up to our email list.

    Like many to most websites we keep an email list for subscribers who want to be notified about new content.

    However, anyone — bots or humans — can come along and enter an email address into a subscribe form.

    So we have double optin enabled to prevent unsuspecting people from getting automatically signed up for our email list. If there’s an attempt to sign up for our email newsletters with your email address, a confirmation email will go out asking you to confirm that you really want to sign up. Don’t click the button and you will not be signed up.

    We’ve also received questions about it “creating an account.” Receiving a newsletter confirmation email does NOT mean an “account” was created for you on our website. However, our registration process does have a newsletter checkbox. Chances are, if you get this email and did not try to subscribe, it was a bot trying to subscribe through one of our forms. But if you’re concerned, we’ll check and make sure no account was created for you if you contact us. However, there’s very little chance that this happened UNLESS you also received an email asking for account confirmation as we also have two-step subscription for user accounts.

    While we’d love to have you subscribe to our email newsletters and updates, we don’t believe that anyone should be signed up who truly does not want to be.

  • With which frequency will I receive emails if I subscribe?

    Thanks for your interest in subscribing to keep up with what we’re posting!

    If you subscribed from one of the forms in a page or post, you likely were subscribed to “general newsletters” and a specific content area depending on the page on which you subscribed. We think “keep it simple” is best for most.

    But for those who really want to get specific, we have a LOT of options on our Newsletters page.

    However, the way our form setup works, it’s difficult to get really specific there about email newsletter frequency of our various lists.

    Here’s the email newsletter frequency FAQ to make it easier for you to find what you want:

    Email Newsletter Frequency and What Type of Content You’ll Receive

    General Newsletters

    “General newsletters.” Our intention, here is to start sending out a larger email newsletter on a quarterly basis again which will include some content you may have missed or even some content that’s not directly a post from our website. It will include multiple different types of content.

    You may also get an occasional newsletter if we need to sent out an important notification about our website to all subscribers.

    But, in general, this selection won’t see you getting too many emails from us.

    One of Everything

    One of everything is for people who REALLY want it all. But you won’t get it ALL by subscribing to this. Our site was initially created as a PNW and travel blog. We have other areas where we might post about…recipes or other things. HOWEVER, subscribe here and you’ll get a daily email whenever we publish a new main post about the PNW, travel, local events, photography, cycling, gear reviews, other outdoor activities…

    But it will NOT contain new recipes, new items from our shop, notifications about any contests, raffles, giveaways, etc, nor will it contain information about new groups or features on our website or “about the blog” type posts.

    Weekly Everything

    Weekly everything is…just that, or at least it will be soon. This newsletter gets sent with any new main content that we’ve published that week, and if we’ve published a new post, we’ll ALSO add extra stuff onto it — notifications about any new recipes, trivia, polls, giveaways, etc. It will, however NOT contain shop content.


    If you see a selection that has the word “hub” in it, that is a monthly newsletter on that topic.
    It may be a mix of things related to that topic. For instance, in the cycling hub newsletter, you might find bike posts, bike gear reviews, a book about cycling if we’ve reviewed one, upcoming cycling events. However, a newsletter will only get published that month if we’ve published at least one main post in that area. Recipes and is also like a hub page, and is monthly.

    Raffles and Contents

    At the point I’m writing this, we haven’t done a raffle for some time — but I think they’re fun and we’re thinking of doing little raffles again. As raffles are a time-sensitive thing, new raffles will be sent out whenever one starts to run. You might also get notified of upcoming raffles in a general newsletter.

    New Groups

    This is sort of a “whenever” newsletter as we need to configure it individually when there are new groups. We may try to customize it a bit – for instance, if we see you’ve subscribed to new groups and you subscribe to “Bike Hub” and we see there’s a new bike group, we’ll let you know about it.


    This is our glossary section. What we’ll post there is a grab bag of new terms. We may add relevant ones to individual hub newsletters, but if you subscribe to this, you’ll get a weekly list of new additions sent to you.


    We have disabled our shop page. We realized that we made most of our sales of our enamel pins and such things on Etsy, and doing machine embroidery was keeping us from doing the things we really like. However, we may be using our ecommerce features on an occasional basis to list some items. If we do send out any shop emails it will be on an individual and not very frequent basis.

    News about our calendar for event organizers

    This is just a list for updates on the status of our calendar in case we make any important changes.

    Member features and news and Blog News and Announcements

    This will be sent out weekly if we’ve posted anything new that week that’s on the status of our blog, new features on our website, etc. “State of the blog” sort of stuff for one, new features for another.

    New Polls

    These will be sent out on a per-post basis as polls are sometimes time-oriented. The poll may be about anything and may be user-submitted. We may add subject appropriate polls to our hub newsletters.

    Off-Topic Posts

    This is a grab bag. Occasionally, we might want to write something to add information to, for instance, our machine embroidery if we keep doing that. Or we might be just dying to write something WordPress – related. Or an opinion piece.

    Off topic posts is like a box of chocolates…

    You will end up with…polls, trivia quizzes, both on and off-topic, recipes, craft posts, WordPress posts, opinions, and blog news…whatever goes into the “off topic” section.

    We will send this on a weekly digest basis.

    New Galleries

    We’re finally getting our photo galleries together. If you subscribe to new galleries, you’ll get a weekly digest of any new galleries we’ve added that week. Just a caveat: we are currently adding some old galleries to the gallery pages we’ve just set up, so you may get notified about existing galleries as we re-add them, depending on when you subscribe.

    “New galleries” does not include member or group galleries unless we specifically decide to feature them, but the galleries here MAY be ones that accept content from members.

    “I want more email!”

    If you don’t want to subscribe to every main post on the website, but you do want more email than the monthly “hub” newsletter for that content area, check this option.

    What will happen if you do this:

    • You will get new single articles for that content area sent to you.
    • You may also get occasional offers from us or our partners if we find something that appears interesting. Note that we do not furnish your email to outside parties but we do belong to some affiliate programs and sometimes see an interesting product or sale.

      An example would be if we’re an associate of Wahoo fitness and we see that they have an awesome sale going on. Perhaps people interested in our bike hub would be interested in this, but the sale ends before the next monthly newsletter comes out. If you check the “I want more email” option, and you are subscribe to the “bike hub” we may send such promotions to you.
    • You will continue to get the monthly hub newsletter.

    In the Future

    We may add additional lists — or remove lists that no longer apply. You will NOT be automatically subscribed to any new lists, but we may add a notification about it in our quarterly newsletter “what’s new” section.

  • How can I unsubscribe from email newsletters?

    If you are subscribed to our email newsletters and wish to unsubscribe, you’ll find a link to unsubscribe in the individual newsletter.

    The way our newsletters are managed, if you just visit the site and visit the preferences page, you won’t see anything but if you follow the unsubscribe link, you’ll unsubscribe.

    We also have set up an unsubscribe header in our emails, so you should be able to click “unsubscribe” from your email client and we should get a notification to unsubscribe you if it does not unsubscribe you directly — but this is in the beta stage in our opinion, so we hope that will work.

    Unsubscribing from the unsubscribe link, however, is reliable.

    Please note this only applies to our email list. Other emails from our website, such as group emails, member notifications, etc, are managed separately.’

    Additionally, you’ll also note a link in the emails that will allow you to access a page to update your preferences, in case you wish to stay subscribed but want fewer emails or a different content area.

    If, for some reason, you are having difficulty unsubscribing, please contact us and let us know the email you subscribed with and we can manually unsubscribe you.

  • Already a Subscriber?

    If you’re here, you likely clicked the “Already a Subscriber?” message in a Google popup. These popups do not necessarily know if you have previously subscribed, created a login, etc.

    If you have already subscribed to our newsletters or created an account on this website, there’s nothing more to do. If you want to UNSUBSCRIBE, you can do that from a link in any email we send via our email newsletter list. The newsletters create their own special unsubscribe link that ensures the email you signed up with is unsubscribed.

    If you created an account on this website and wish to edit it, you can log in and do so from your profile page. If you want to delete your account, you can delete it from your profile page.

  • How can I change my preferences to email newsletters?

    Thanks for subscribing!

    In email newsletters that we send, you should find a link which will take you to a page where you can change your preferences. Please note that accessing this page directly will not work because it requires you to go there from your individual link.

    If you want to see a subscribe form on our website and want to ADD that content area to one to which you’re already subscribed, you CAN fill out the form again using the same email address and it should merge that selection to your already subscribed areas.

    Please note that this only applies to email newsletters. Things like website-generated emails, group email subscriptions, etc are managed separately.

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