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Our PNWWiki is a companion glossary to PNW & Beyond featuring PNW terms, words, places, and lore, cycling terms, and photography terms to accompany our articles.
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The PNWWiki is a glossary with things related to the Pacific Northwest, Cycling, and Photography — some of our big loves that we somehow think are related! There is a dropdown with a search and all of the categories in the sidebar (or under the FAQs if you’re on mobile) but the search just above the glossary works best.To view the glossary or learn more, read on!

Glossary of PNW Terms, Cycling Terms, and Photography Terms


About the Glossary

We added the glossary both for fun and to complement other content on this website. Terms in the glossary will automatically link to the first non-linked occurence of that word on a page, to make for easy reference. It’s also good for adding those little tidbits that we didn’t necessarily want to add as a main post.

The “PNWWiki” section links to information about the PNW — town profiles, local lore, public art…you name it, as long as it’s related to the PNW.

The “Cyclopedia” is a glossary of things cycling-related and the “Photoglossary” will be a list of photography-related terms.

Entries, depending on their subject, generally consist of information that we write, followed by an AI-generated summary (this is the one place on this website that we make use of AI-generated text), followed by any photo galleries, maps, routes, or events, and other resources from this website followed by a list of outside resources. If it’s available and appropriate, we then include information from Wikipedia.

Initially, we were trying a different glossary setup that would allow users to “wiki style” make edits and additions directly to the content. That did not work out. We do accept user-generated information. For more information, read the FAQ section below (you can also view it on our FAQ page).

Frequently Asked Questions

  • About "PNWWiki"

    This website comprises a bunch of different sections. There are event locations, route and map locations, posts, photos, events, routes.

    At some point, the idea occured to me to create a glossary section to, hopefully, be able to collect information about these different items all one one, central page, as well as to create a fun section that I could add to little by little with things I might not necessarily want to add as a post: specific pieces of street art, PNW folklore, individual birds — and allow website users to also add terms or suggest edits. Additionally, I found myself wanting to write a bit about bike gear or photography terms.

    For more information about PNWWiki, you can visit our PNWWiki Page.

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