Frequently Asked Questions

  • Email Newsletter

  • I received an email from Pacific Northwest & Beyond asking me to confirm my subscription to the newsletter, but I never tried to sign up!

    Like most websites, we keep an email list. We use double opt-in to prevent people who didn’t try to sign up from ending up on our email list. Anyone can come along and try entering any email on a signup form.

    If you received a confirmation email — as it says in the email, do nothing and you won’t be signed up for anything. If you receive an email with this verbiage, please do not email us directly — there is no need to as there is nothing for us to do here.


    A few forms on our website — namely the registration form and the form to get product back-in-stock notifications — send to our email list bypassing the double opt-in. It’s something we are unable to change at this point. So we’ve set some protocols in place so that we don’t end up automatically sending out email newsletters to such “subscribers.” If you registered on our website you may get an email allowing you to unsubscribe or update your preferences. In this case, we periodically go through and unsubscribe website registrants who haven’t responded to that email.

    In any case, if you ever get unwanted emails from our list, we apologize. You can find an unsubscribe link at the bottom of any email and follow it. You will then not get any further emails from us (except a final unusbscribe confirmation email) and won’t be able to resubscribe with that email address again.

  • I want to unsubscribe or change my preferences to the email list.

    In the footer of any emails we send via our list (not individual emails in response to something you sent us) you’ll find links to both change your preferences or unsubscribe.

    If you want to stay subscribed but want some option that you don’t see listed, contact us and we’ll try to accommodate your request if possible.

  • Guest Posting

    Frequently asked questions about guest posting on this website.

  • Here's our link. Will PNW & Beyond please add it to a post?

    We get asked questions like this often enough and know that link building is very helpful to SEO.

    But we find that, most often, people are not willing to reciprocate as link exchanges can be ineffective or detrimental.

    And, often, the links just don’t belong in the content — the post wasn’t written with that link placed there in the first place and such links are often out of context.

    So, no, we won’t place your link in our existing post for free, for a link exchange or for a social media “shoutout.”

    Nor do we do paid link placements such as this.

    If you are interested in a sponsored post, that’s a different subject — please view related FAQs on sponsored posts.

  • Guidelines for Submitting a Guest Post

    Thanks for considering submitting a guest post to Pacific Northwest and Beyond. Please read our writers guidelines and requests. You’re agreeing to these if you submit a post to our blog.

    Main posts can be submitted here. Suggesting a PNWWiki item or adding a book review have separate forms. This relates to submitting a non-sponsored guest posts. For more information about sponsored content click here.

    Before you submit a guest post:

    1. Please DO NOT email us with a list of suggested topics. We do not accept queries. We prefer your entire post, submitted with our form.
    2. What is your topic? We include content related to this broad range of topics:
      1. The Pacific Northwest US
      2. Travel
      3. Book reviews on books about local topics, by local authors, about travel, about local nature, even and up to fiction that relates to places. Think PNW, nature, photography, travel, places.
      4. Photography
      5. Nature
      6. Outdoor activities
    3. Can you write in decent English? Our primary audience is in the Pacific Northwest United States. We only include content in English as we are unable to assess posts in other languages (though we read a small smattering of French) and we prefer not to have to do too much editing to content that we receive.

    Submitting a Post

    If you submit a guest post, you acknowledge and agree to the following:

    1. There will be no payment for the post (unless, somehow, this has been agreed to in advance).
    2. We have the right to decline to publish a post for any reason and do not need to state the reason.
    3. You should get an automated email telling you whether we accepted and published or could not use your post. Please give us an ample amount (at least two weeks) to review your submission.
    4. We may mark some links as “nofollow” and reserve the right to do this with any link. If your post is really promoting a product or business, please read more about sponsored posts.
    5. You CAN link to your website via your bio/profile page, provided that it’s a valid, and not suspicious, link.
    6. There will be ads shown on your post; we cannot control which ads will appear.
    7. A comment section is shown on post. If you become aware of new comments on your post, it would be appreciated if you’d respond.
    8. In general, posts that we approve will remain up for the life of our website. However, we reserve the right to remove a post for any reason.
    9. In general, new post notifications go out to subscribers who want to receive them and new posts get posted to social media. However, we make no guarantees as to promotion of your post.
  • Events Calendar

    Frequently asked questions about our events calendar.

  • Didn't you shut down your events calendar?

    Yes…for a while. After the mass event cancellations of the pandemic and after the events calendar seemed to use a lot of system resources on my server, AND after I got more involved in crafting and running an Etsy shop for a while, I decided that doing a calendar wasn’t what I wanted to do.

    But then I missed it.

    So I’ve found a way to bring it back more affordably. I enjoy keeping posted on local events, blogging, and photography. I plan to keep up an Etsy shop presence but may decide to limit the types of items I try to make and sell there — turns out there are some types of crafts I just don’t enjoy doing. It’s been a year of discovery:)

  • Please Read Before Submitting an Event

    Our events calendar features a mix of local or online events that we like or find interesting along with community-submitted events.

    Events on our calendar MAY be from around the Pacific Northwest but we tend to curate events from western Washington State, the Puget Sound area in particular, as that’s our stomping grounds. We also will list some online/virtual events, but they either need to be a locally organized virtual event OR something that fits into one of the themes of our calendar. For instance, we might consider a virtual event on the subject of nature and wildlife photography or on a presentation about someone’s Alaskan adventure. But we’ll decline to publish a virtual event that’s about business networking and is London-based. We need to draw the line somewhere:)

    If you’re submitting an event to our calendar, you agree to the following:

    1. Submitting an event is free, and we plan to keep it as such. However, if you’d like to make a donation, we’ll accept!
    2. You will have some ads shown on your event. While we don’t earn a ton from ads, it helps to pay for this website a bit. We do not have a large amount of control over which ads are shown — though we do keep filters in place to block some sensitive categories.
    3. We keep some events on our calendar that recur year after year. But we try to go in and clean up/delete old events after they’ve ended. We do this at irregular intervals and will remove your event, at some point, after it’s passed, but we cannot tell you exactly how long your old event will stay on our calendar.
    4. We reserve the right to refuse to publish any event or to remove an event at any time.
    5. While you CAN submit an event as an anonymous guest, we recommend creating a user account. You can then come back and edit your own events or locations in the future.
    6. Please be as thorough as you can when submitting an event. Add as much information as you can. If we do not have an appropriate category for your event, however, we might add one after you submit it.
    7. In general, we’ll try to either “approve or remove” events within 72 hours of submission. You should get an automated email if your event is approved. However, we do have lives and sometimes go places! If we’re on the road, we may not be able to post your event within 72 hours. Please do not submit events that are going to occur within the next few days!
    8. We sometimes post events to social media. Most events that we do post are auto-posted by our website. We do not guarantee you that we’ll do any sort of social media promotion your event. What we do generally depends on how much time we have and what we feel inspired to post.
    9. Comments and reviews are open on events. For events that are finished, the comments are removed along with the event. But for events that occur year after year, comments will remain there. While we try to filter spam comments, we generally post reviews and comments both positive and negative.
    10. Event edits are also subject to approval. However, if you’re a regular and trusted event submitter, we may elevate your user account privileges to be able to automatically post events or edits.
    11. We do not guarantee any sort of traffic from events.
    12. We reserve the right to “nofollow” or “dofollow” links on events at will, depending on the content of the link.
  • PNWWiki

    Questions and answers about our glossary.

  • Suggesting a PNWWiki Entry

    To suggest an entry or edit to a glossary (PNWWiki) category, you can do so from the Suggest a Term page or from a tab in your user profile, which you’ll find under the “more” section. You can also find a table of your entries.

    Please keep in mind the following as you suggest an entry:

    1. Entries are exclusively about the Pacific Northwest. We may be adding some additional categories from what you find initially, but entries will be in one of generally broad categories:
      1. Area nature and wildlife.
      2. “Lost” places; places that used to be and are no more.
      3. Unique buildings.
      4. Local people, historic figures
      5. Local websites that might be helpful to site visitors (we are selective about this category, however).
      6. Local towns and cities
      7. Local routes. In fact, we’ll be gradually moving our “places,” maps, and routes over to this section.
    2. We reserve the right to decline a suggested term for any reason.
    3. Please ensure that you’re not submitting something that’s already here! If you are, we might consider it an edit and use it to edit an already existing item.
    4. Other users may add to or suggest edits to your entries. We may also add to your entry, supplement with Wikipedia content, or add a photo gallery. We may also add a map, when appropriate. In some cases, we may open up map marker additions to site visitors on a particular map.
    5. Please don’t use this section for the purposes of advertising. While we MIGHT decide to add a few famous local eateries, for instance, to the mix, we don’t plan to make this a business directory.
    6. Please allow us ample time to review your suggestion.
    7. Comments and reviews show on term pages.
  • What is this "PNWWiki"?

    While I enjoy blogging, I found myself wanting to be able to just create some mini-posts about nature, the local area, etc.

    So we’ve added some glossary functionality to make it easier to do this.

    I plan on adding some items, gradually, as I proceed to start working on this website more again. And, I’m calling it a “Wiki” as it’s open to user suggestions and edits.

  • Book Reviews

    FAQs about book reviews.

  • Advertising and Sponsored Posts

    Frequently Asked Questions about advertising and sponsored posts.

  • Here's our link. Will PNW & Beyond please add it to a post?

    We get asked questions like this often enough and know that link building is very helpful to SEO.

    But we find that, most often, people are not willing to reciprocate as link exchanges can be ineffective or detrimental.

    And, often, the links just don’t belong in the content — the post wasn’t written with that link placed there in the first place and such links are often out of context.

    So, no, we won’t place your link in our existing post for free, for a link exchange or for a social media “shoutout.”

    Nor do we do paid link placements such as this.

    If you are interested in a sponsored post, that’s a different subject — please view related FAQs on sponsored posts.

  • Do you accept sponsored posts?

    It depends on the specific post, its topic, and what it’s sponsoring.

    For more information about sponsored posts, including our current rate and policies you can visit the sponsored posts item in our shop.

  • Do you sell banner ad spots on your website?

    Currently, we run ads via an ad network and do not have our website set up to sell and track individual ad placement or banner space rentals.

    However, we will consider implementing that feature (which won’t be too difficult to do) if we find that we have interested advertisers.

    If you are interested in this type of ad placement (particularly if you are a local advertiser) please contact us to discuss it.

  • If we give you free beer, will you come and write about our beer-related event?

    Ummm…this relates to other things besides beer as well.

    As small bloggers, we’ve sometimes been invited to stay places, imbibe free beer, etc. in exchange for posts.

    We take things like this on a case-by-case basis.

    For the most part, I’m doing this blog because I like it and if I cut off a blog several more will appear in its place, much like the many-headed hydra of myth.

    In general, the only reason I try to “monetize” this blog is to pay for the blog as well as offset the cost of doing the many things I like to do, most of which related to the topics of this blog).

    But, in general, I don’t work for beer. Not to sound harsh but…

    I do like to stay places. I like to attend local events. And if it’s an event I’m interested in attending anyway, I might be motivated to write a little blurb about the event, either in a post OR as an entry on the calendar if an event is recurring. But I cannot spend $$$ on gas, ferry tickets, then do photography and write a lengthy promo post for free beer or other merch.

    However please do ask. I’ve been happy to attend a few media premieres for things like the Seattle Flower and Garden Show. If I’m available I might WANT free tickets for something like that, but cannot make a promise about what I’ll write about it.

  • General Website Questions

    General questions about this website.

  • You haven't been publishing many posts lately. What's up?

    You noticed?

    I’ve been stepping back a bit to reconsider what I want to be doing, both with this website and life in general.

    I enjoy WordPress and having a blog. But I’m finding I need to choose carefully what I do with the amount of time I can tolerate in front of a computer. I like writing, but I tend to dislike the world of social media, creating Pinterest pins, and things like that you’re “supposed” to do for blog promotion.

    So where will this blog go next? Likely, I’ll keep it, but simplify to allow me to move it to a less expensive server. I’m re-evaluating the events calendar. At present, I’m undecided.

  • This Website Looks Different

    Well, thanks for noticing!

    We used to like adding lots of fancy-schmancy web thingies. But we’ve found that sometimes less is more — it helps to load pages quicker, and we’ve been cutting back on various additions.

    So we’ve simplified our design and have some more work to do, though on various pages — but at least the essentials are here.

  • Web Design

    Questions about web design.

  • Are you still doing web design?

    Currently, I’ve decided not to in lieu of other activities. While I still love WordPress, I found that working on my own projects and taking on projects for clients ended up being just too much computer use.

    So I’ve put my small web design biz on the back burner for now and am just working on the occasional blog post and an Etsy shop/craft projects and resuming some of my other hobbies.

    However, if I did any web design work for you and you need help with your website please know that I am still available to support the work I did for you in the past.

  • Product FAQ

    FAQs about individual products.

  • How do I ask a product-related question?

    Find the “Item FAQ” tab on the individual product page. There will be a button to submit your FAQ. It may already say “Successfully Submitted.” That’s a bug we’re working on. But, have no fear, add your text, press the button, and your FAQ will be submitted to us.

    To avoid spammy FAQs, we approve each one. We’ll look at your question, do our best to answer it. And we THANK YOU in advance for using the FAQ so that others may benefit from the answer to your question.

  • Suggestion Box

    Make a suggestion or report a problem. Please don’t use this space to advertise your SEO or web design services.

  • What is this ”suggestion box“?

    This is a space to report suggestions for topics, readability, improving website features, etc. You can also use it to report issues you’re having.

    Please do NOT use this space to report issues with shop orders (contact us privately about that or feel free to leave a product review if you just want to offer an opinion). And please do not use this space to advertise your web design or SEO services.

  • Photography

  • Can I Use a Photo I Found on This Website?

    As we’ve taken photos of local events and places, we sometimes get asked about using photos from our website.

    For the most part, the photos we use on this site are ones that we’ve taken ourselves. However, we do use photos from stock photography services or free photo sites like Pexels for some of our background images, covers, etc. We’ve also had some guest authors who have used photos from some sites like Flickr under a creative commons license. 

    And we also have some better images that we plan to (umm…eventually) process, and list for sale either as prints, on merch, or for downloads.

    So, here’s the skinny on which images you may use from this website:

    • If you see a photo in a post that you’d like to use and it’s cited with attribution under a creative commons license you may use it providing you use the same citation info on your website.
    • You may NOT use images that are cited as being from UW collections, MOHAI, etc. For those images, we’ve received permission to use them and you would need to contact the source yourself to arrange your own permission.
    • If there is a post by Cheryl that includes a gallery and the gallery is NOT right-click protected, you may use the smaller low-resolution image for non-commercial use providing you cite it with a link back to this website (preferably the page you found the image).

    Images for Sale

    However, we are now trying to get more serious about doing something called “photography.”

    While I like many of the images I put in regular posts on this website, many fall into the “snapshots” category. But I’ve long had a thing about camera gear and now have more time and the means to actually HAVE equipment to take decent photos of birds, bugs, and the many other things I like to photograph.

    So I’m gradually adding a photography section to the website which will hold (I hope) my “portfolio” of better images. These will NOT be free for use with attribution but each one will likely have a link regarding its use.

  • Groups

    Frequently asked questions about groups.

  • I see a tab in my user profile called "groups." What ARE groups on this website?

    The way this website is set up, it has the facility to have groups which work much like the familiar Facebook groups. That is, members of a group can post content which will notify other group members who can engage in discussion, etc.

    At this point, we haven’t used that function…but I may add a group in the future for something — for instance, I like to give myself weekly photography assignments, and I might start a group to post those. Or to post bird pics.

    Registered users CAN start new groups. However, IF we have any groups on this website, they will need to fit within the general topics of this website — which is still a broad range.

    To find if there are any groups on this website or to start a new group (for users with that ability) please visit the groups page.

  • Submitted Successfully

    We will respond soon

    Here are the answers to our most frequently asked questions. If you don’t see your question here you can use the “Add FAQ” button to add your question. Your question won’t post immediately as we review them for appropriateness. If yours is a truly individual question or issue, you may contact us.

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