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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Routes and Maps

    Frequently asked questions about routes and maps.

  • About routes.

    It’s evident that we love maps. And we like the map functionality we already have — but it wasn’t great for adding routes with cues or directions.

    There are many very good apps out there that allow you to create routes, but we wanted to have functionality on this website to share some of our favorite walks, hikes, bike rides, and the like — so we’re working on adding route functionality back to our website.

    Users will be able to upload a GPX or KML file to share a favorite PNW route, if they’d like, and we’re trying to make it so you can also use Strava to upload a route. We’ll also be able to create routes in the plugin. However, we prefer to upload and add cue points.

    We’re not trying to complete with any of the wonderful route sites that are out there! We love love love Ride With GPS and WTA!!! But I wanted a way to easily post some routes for sharing here — and why not allow others to do so as well?

  • Book Reviews

    FAQs about book reviews.

  • Submitting a Book Review

    Submitting a book review is like submitting a main post — except we request that you use this form as it enters in the relevant book information. We accept well-written book reviews about subjects involving the PNW, travel, outdoor activities, nature and such. We love reading books about local places.

    Please keep in mind we cannot accept every post we receive.

    To submit a guest post, please register andlog in so we can properly attribute your post. When you’re logged in, you can view the form on this page.

  • Photography

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