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Frequently Asked Questions

  • General Website Questions

    General questions about this website.

  • Can I republish your content?

    I’m posting this as I’ve become aware that some posts from this website are ending up in news aggregators.

    While we feel flattered that someone wants to repost our content, and love it when people share on social media or post a snippet on their own site with a link back, please consider the following if you are just taking our content outright and posting it on your website:

    • While we have a feed, it is for the purposes of people being able to read our content or share with our subscribers. We have it set to “post excerpt” not full content.
    • If you wish to repost on your blog using our RSS feeds. please:
      1. Be aware that we have more than one feed. The main one is for our main posts, but we have separate feeds for photography posts, for instance.
      2. DO NOT include the full content of our post.
      3. DO include a clear button with a link back to the original post AFTER THE EXCERPT.
      4. Ensure that the content identifies our original post as the canonical link for the content.
      5. ATTRIBUTE THE AUTHOR of the content. Do NOT assign yourself or “admin” as the author of the content. While many of our posts are by our editor, we DO have guest authors from time to time. Please give credit.
    • Please consider that taking posts outright and republishing them without author attribution or canonical link is plagarism. If you wish to republish our content, either use our RSS feed with the guidelines above or ask our permission.
    • If you’re wondering “well, you’ve used content from another blog…?” We will point out that: we either asked permission, were explicitly ASKED to do it by the publisher or author of the content. In the case of events, we see this vastly differently as we are promoting local events and generally add our own verbiage and always link back to the event in question.
  • How can I unsubscribe or manage my preferences to browser notifications?