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This is our current rate for sponsored posts. Please read the long description below for more information.

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*Plus any tax or shipping.

This is our current rate for sponsored posts. Please read the long description below for more information.

Relevant links about advertising: FAQ page, Ad Shop, Terms and Conditions


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This is our current price for a sponsored post on Pacific Northwest and Beyond.

It may change in the future, but we will not raise or lower your rate if we change ours. It’s a one-time fee.

If you purchase a sponsored post on this website, you agree to, and acknowledge, the following:

  1. We have the right to refuse to publish any post on this website, including sponsored ones. For most guest posts, we do not accept queries and ask that they be submitted on our guest post form submission page. However, for sponsored posts, we ask that you contact us first to inquire about your topic before purchasing a sponsored post on this page. Please, however do not ask questions which demonstrate that you have not read our form our our FAQs.  We also reserve the right edit, or decline to publish, a sponsored post for which we’ve agreed to the topic but then found the post to be suspicious or written in poor English.
  2. We marks links in sponsored posts with the rel=”sponsored” designation in keeping with best SEO practices. We do NOT offer “dofollow” links for ads, sponsored posts, or promotional links.
  3. We WILL identify your post clearly as sponsored at the beginning of the post along with a general disclaimer as, likely, we haven’t tried your product or service ourselves.
  4. We only accept posts on a particular range of subjects such as:
    1. The Pacific Northwest
    2. Outdoor activities and gear
    3. Travel
    4. Reviews of local books, books by local authors, travel books.
    5. Photography
    6. Nature

      We do not accept sponsored posts on, for instance, Tae-bo.

  5. We will keep your sponsored post on for the life of our website. However, we reserve the right to retire at some point if we are unable to keep this website up. If that occurs, we will likely attempt to hand over or sell this website, but if we are unable to do so no refund will be issued unless the post was up for less than a year, in which case we’ll prorate it.
  6. We cannot guaranteed any particular amount of traffic to your post or from your post to your website.
  7. Advertising, such as sponsored posts, is taxable and Washington State businesses/residents will be taxed according to current tax rates in our area.

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