Terms and Conditions

What follows are some basic terms and conditions. We’ll start with terms for registering on our website to be able to leave comments, submit events or routes, or posts or interact on forums as a logged-in user. Then we’ll follow with some additional terms for our store.

Registration Terms and Conditions

We allow user registration on our website both for customer orders and to allow users to interact with the website by submitting events our routes, or interacting via forums or via comments.

However, with great power comes great responsibility. By registering on this website as a member:

  • You realize you may be disclosing some information to other members. By default, users are not on the member directory, but you can choose to display yourself in the directory. On your member profile, some basic information is available to other logged-in users but you can choose what to share. Tabs such as bookmarks, notes, draft posts, are hidden from other members. However, the admin may be able to see them and we do not allow upload or saving of photos with illegal or inflammatory content on this website, even on the backend.
  • You will not spam the admin of this website with irrelevant posts. We encourage post submission on topics relevant to this website, but they need to follow our writers’ guidelines.
  • You will not abuse the system by sending unwanted messages to other members.
  • You will refrain from hateful speech (or, rather, writing, in this case), name-calling, flaming, trolling, or otherwise bothersome behavior.
  • You acknowledge the privacy policy of this website and that we use some data processors such as Google and Facebook for analytics and advertising purposes.
  • The admin and any potential moderators on this website reserve the right to take down any content posted at any time.

Members who engage in abusive behavior may be warned initially, but may be banned entirely depending on the behavior. Let’s keep this a nice place for everyone.

Shop Terms and Conditions

We’re running a small shop for fun and to support our blogging habits. Please read the following regarding making purchases from our shop:


We use PayPal as a processor currently as our volume is small and we’d rather not handle customer financial data directly on this website. We’ve had good experiences with PayPal as a secure processor in the past — and we are considering adding Venmo as a payment option in the future. You don’t need a PayPal account to pay via PayPal — you can use any major credit card without opening an account. We may hold shipment of e-check orders until the shipment has cleared.


We use USPS for shipping most often. We strive to ship physical items within two business days of purchase.

In the case that we sell any downloadable items such as graphics, etc, the download will be available after payment is completed and processed.


Our return policy depends on the type of goods purchased.

Physical Goods

We do a low volume of sales and most of our items are, in part, handmade.

We will accept returns that are unused and have any original packing (i.e. the box if an item came with a gift box) within 30 days of purchase. We will refund the price of the item, minus shipping.

If an item arrived damaged, we’ll process the full refund including the shipping unless you’d rather have us send you a replacement item or comparable item

Downloadable Items

Due to the nature of downloadable items, we cannot accept returns for downloads. If you have an issue with your download, please let us know how we can help.

Affiliate Items

From time to time we may come across PNW or travel-themed items from other vendors that we especially like and choose to include these in our shop. If we include affiliate items in our shop, these will be clearly marked as such. Affiliate items are sold by third parties and when you click a link to an affiliate item, it will take your off site. Any purchases you make are then subject to the terms and conditions of that vendor. We may make a small commission off affiliate sales that goes towards paying for running this website.


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