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Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions page for user registration, shop policies, advertising, event submissions, and photography use.

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These are some general terms and conditions you’re agreeing to if you participate in this website.

Please also refer to our privacy policy page.

Shop Terms and Conditions

Our shop is subject to the privacy policy for our website as a whole.

Payment Methods

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Google, and Apple Pay. These are processed by Stripe. We also accept PayPal and Venmo payments, which are processed via PayPal.

We do not accept personal checks or e-checks. Payment must be received before we ship an item. For downloadable items, you can download the item from your account right away once the payment has gone through.


Please refer to our shipping page for shipping methods and estimated delivery times.

Shipping is calculated in the cart based on your location and the weight of the item.

Currently, we are offering free shipping on orders over $35 to Washington State residents and orders over $100 to the rest of the continental US.

Refunds and Returns

We accept returns on most physical goods. If we offer downloadable items, we do not accept returns on those. Please refer to our refunds and returns page for information about our returns and refunds policy and how to start a return.

Photo Purchases

For more information about purchasing downloadable photos or photography prints, please see the photography section below.

Ad Shop Terms and Conditions

Payment methods for purchasing ad space on our website are the same as for our general shop. The following, however, is specific to purchasing ads and sponsored posts:

Sponsored Posts

If you purchase a sponsored post on our website, unless arrangements are made otherwise, it will stay in place without extra charges for the lifetime of our website — or at least the time we own the website. If in the future this website ever changes hands, we cannot control what future owners may do with sponsored posts.

We do not issue refunds for sponsored post charges and may change what we charge for sponsored posts depending on our website statistice. However, we will not ask you to pay more in the future for your existing post, nor will we issue a partial refund if we lower the price per post in the future.

We have discretion over which sponsored posts to publish and may decline to accept a sponsored post for any reason.

Display Advertising

We offer display advertising in several locations on our website to advertisers: a header ad, sidebar ad, and footer placement. Placements are offered on per-click, per-impression, or in some cases a monthly basis.

Most of our placements are shared in rotation with other ads. A few of our sidebar placement may be purchased for you and you alone.

You may choose which pages to display your ads (with some exceptions — we do not run adverisers’ ads on our shop, our own photo gallery pages, user profile pages, or policy pages) and choose geotargeting to better target your ads. Geotargeting, however, is not foolproof, and you acknowledge this when purchasing ad space.

We do not guarantee any specific amount of traffic to your ad. Our rates, we feel, are affordable, and we recommend initially purchasing a lower ad amount and trying it out. We do NOT refund ad spend for unused ad clicks or impressions (with the exception of the case that we decide to stop running banner ads in the future or sell our website — in that case, we will refund the unused portion of your ad expenditures).

You will note that we also run contextual display ads (i.e. Google Adsense). Advertisers’ purchased ads here will occupy different spots than the contextual display ads and will not be shown in rotation with them, but may appear on the same page. We do not have granular control over which display ads are shown by ad networks.

Purchased display ads will have a rel=”sponsored” designation attached to them, as well as any sponsored links. Sponsored posts will be clearly marked as such.

You can view your current ads and statistics by following the view order link in the shop tab in your user profile.

Currently, ads on our website are shown to both logged in and logged out users but we reserve the right, in the future, to limit ads to some member accounts. If that happens, we will notify current advertisers in advance.

If you have questions about advertising, please visit our ad shop and our faq page — or ask a question of your own there.

Registration Terms and Conditions

We allow user registration on our website for the purposes of being able to submit and edit events, submit guest posts, and track and respond to comments.

However, with great power comes great responsibility. By registering on this website you acknowledge and agree to the following:

  • Participating on this website by adding information to your profile, participating in comments, or adding events or guest posts means that you are divulging some personal information. You can control levels of privacy for your user profile on your account page.
  • You will not spam the admin of this website with irrelevant posts. We encourage post submission on topics relevant to this website, but they need to follow our writers’ guidelines.
  • You will not abuse the system by sending unwanted messages to other members if we ever re-implement messaging features.
  • You will refrain from hateful speech (or, rather, writing, in this case), name-calling, flaming, trolling, or otherwise bothersome behavior.
  • You acknowledge the privacy policy of this website and that we use some data processors such as Google and Facebook for analytics and advertising purposes.
  • The admin and any potential moderators on this website reserve the right to take down any content posted at any time.
  • You can delete your user account whenever you want in your account.

Members who engage in abusive behavior may be warned initially but may be banned entirely depending on the behavior. Let’s keep this a nice place for everyone.

Post And Event Submission Terms and Conditions

We encourage community post submissions and contributions from community event organizers.

So we can keep everything in one place and current, please refer to our writers’ guidelines in our FAQ section for terms and conditions relevant to post and event submissions.

Photography Terms of Use

We’ll be referring to our photography FAQs often here as it’s easier to keep individual items updated as we make revisions. Here are pages to read regarding specific terms of use for photography:


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