As we allow (some) post and route submissions, we’ve enabled user registration on this website. As we did that, we thought it would be fun to allow a few more features in the mix. Registering allows you to add relevant posts, if approved, and to bookmark other people’s posts and follow post authors as well as other features we may enable eventually.

However, with great power comes great responsibility. By registering on this website you agree and acknowledge that:

  • You realize you may be disclosing some information to other members. By default, users are not on the member directory, but you may choose to show your profile. However, your profile info can show to everyone — some tabs such as your badges, bookmarks, and such are for you only.
  • You will not spam the admin of this website with irrelevant posts. We encourage post submission on topics relevant to this website, but they need to follow our writers’ guidelines.
  • You will not abuse the system by sending unwanted messages to other members.
  • You will refrain from hateful speech (or, rather, writing, in this case), name-calling, flaming, trolling, or otherwise bothersome behavior.
  • You acknowledge the privacy policy of this website and that we use some data processors such as Google and Facebook for analytics and advertising purposes.

Members who engage in abusive behavior may be warned initially, but may be banned entirely depending on the behavior. Let’s keep this a nice place for everyone.

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