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The Art Cars of the Seattle Fremont Fair

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Every year strange creations on wheels show up at the Fremont Fair in June. Here are favorite Seattle art cars from the 2018 event.

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Every year at the Seattle Fremont Fair, in a nearby parking lot, a collection of very weird cars appear. The Seattle Art Car blowout has been going on for many, many years now — and some of the cars are pretty…astonishing (choosing the right word is difficult in this case.) Whether you like some of them or not, you must admit that the owners of these creations have put a great amount of effort into such activities as turning a poor, plain, Subaru into a sort of creepy dental museum on wheels. I had to revise this post later to remove some unwanted code. So most cars I mention individually have a single image. But you can view a gallery of cars at the bottom of this post.

The neighborhood into which we moved from a private, wooded, property came complete with HOA. The manual laid out for us, with badly Xeroxed images, the things which weren’t allowed in our yard: windmills, pink flamingos, gnomes. A big “no” symbol was emblazoned over the images — just in case we didn’t understand that these tacky decor could offend a neighbor. Something about this incited my husband to small rebellions — one of which was stealth-placing a bunch of miniscule gnomes throughout our property. Ten years later, I still find the occasional gnome lurking in a bush.

Something tells me having a gnome wagon sitting in my driveway would not be approved..

But just that — a gnome wagon —  was one of many decorated vehicles at the 2018 Seattle Art Car Blowout at the Fremont Fair. Cars ranged from the fun to the somewhat disturbing. Here are a few of the best ones (in my opinion.)

The Gnome Wagon

A distressed gnome seems to be emerging from the roof of this car. Meanwhile a meditating gnome sits in the background, oblivious to his fellow gnome’s distress.


This demon-mobile attracted the most attention from curious onlookers.  Featuring monkeys, faces that seemed to be souls of the damned, and a head topper spouting a waterfall of blood, among many other imps, skulls, and faces,  this one would definitely raise the ire of our HOA. 

You can #DarkRide in social media or if you’re really an art car geek you can watch the long DarkRide “making of” video below — the car’s not quite finished.  At the 2018 show it had a completion date of that September.

Barbie Dream Hearse

Barbie Dream Hearse

In life, you go from the Barbie Dream House to the Barbie Dream Hearse. These are the wheels of choice for my last ride. But, wait!  The interior is equipped for the not-yet-dead, and I can actually rent the dream hearse so I don’t have to wait for my final exit. If you want to know more about the “why” of the Dream Hearse, its creator, Kat Taylor, was interviewed on the KNKX podcast Sound Effect.


Chewbaru Hood
The Chewbaru features 70 pounds of dentures and partials.

A bumper sticker on the roof of the Chewbaru states “You have to be real secure to be seen in a car like this.” That goes for many of the art cars, but this one in particular. The Chewbaru features 70 lbs of dentures and partials, along with creepy doll heads and vintage dental ads. How does a Subaru become a Chewbaru? If this question plagues your mind, along with the question “Is this guy a dentist?” (The answer is “no”) the Chewbaru has its own website.

Chalkboard VW Bus

Chalkboard VW Bus

Chalkboard art seems to be a popular Pinterest thing lately…so why not use chalkboard paint on your VW bus?  I always wanted a VW bus to paint, so this incites a bit of envy on my part.



This colorful car brought back some haunting memories.  On the front of the roof is a toy called “Iz.” “Iz” was in our house at one point. “Was,” because “Iz” had to go, being one of those posessed toys that would start randomly talking in the closet at night and didn’t seem to have a working off switch, short of breaking it. So we passed along the evil to Goodwill. You’re welcome, recipient!

So it was that I tiptoed past the front of the Toynota with extreme caution. Fortunately Iz was, blessedly, silent.  But the back of the vehicle was a joyful buzz of activity, drawing happy kids to it with its working bubble machine.

Flamingo Crossing

The Flamingo Crossing Car

If I can’t put flamingos in my yard, can I put them on my car? I loved this festive and fun SUV!

Beauty on a Budget

Beauty on a Budget Art Car

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Burn, Baby, Burn

I wasn’t sure what to call this southwest themed car with its skeleton grill, gas nozzles, vultures, and spoons. The front of the roof reads, “Burn, Baby, Burn,” so I’m betting this art car has been to Burning Man…I didn’t get a chance to ask its human.[/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column][/et_pb_row]

Burn Baby Burn

Burn Baby Burn Art Car

I wasn’t sure what to call this southwest themed car with its skeleton grill, gas nozzles, vultures, and spoons. The front of the roof reads, ”Burn, Baby, Burn,” so I’m betting this art car has been to Burning Man…I didn’t get the chance to ask its human.

1948 Diamond T GPT

1948 Diamond T GPT

If I had to pick an art car to actually drive I think this would be it. This Seattle art car was commissioned by Colin Case for the 1948 Gran Prix Truck racing series.

License Plate Madonna

License Plate Madonna

This Seattle art car, made by Harrod Blank who has made a number of other art cars, features a Madonna made of license plates. It apparently used to have a hydraulic lift so it could be stood up, but during the Fremont fair, the Virgin remained supine. If you’re interested, there’s a much better photo at this website (along with photos of some other art cars).

My camera missed a few of the art cars and I didn’t write about all of them above. Here’s a gallery of the cars that ended up on my camera.

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