Seattle Christmas Past: How the Grunge Stole Christmas

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I wondered if my dad even knew what RCKNDY was. The small TV in my parents’ kitchen was ever-present and ever-on…and frequently on Almost Live when it aired. The TV show had gone from talk-show format with a few comedy bits to a full sketch-comedy show that, usually hilariously, poked fun at Seattle neighborhoods and suburbs from Ballard drivers to the “Lynnwood Look.” It was where Bill Nye’s science guy got his start, but did you know he was also “SpeedWalker” before that?

Suddenly, a holiday jingle came on the tube (those days it was the regular tube that didn’t care about “You,”) and John Keister’s voice launched in with “all the rockers in the RKNDY bar liked Christmas a lot but the grunge…” and everyone paused to watch.

And, suddenly, a Christmas miracle happened.

When it got to the part where the members of the Seattle heavy metal community launched into the “fahoo fores dahoo dores,” from the 1966 Grinch TV special, my father bust out laughing. Approaching 70, I’m not sure he knew much about Grunge, or about RCKNDY, but he did know the Grinch and, perhaps, for just a moment, he agreed with the Grunge’s realization that “maybe Christmas was more. Maybe Christmas doesn’t come from the liquor store.”

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After raising kids and quitting my Occupational Therapy career, I struggled with "what do I REALLY want to do now?" This is a question that required some self-exploration because I had always said I wanted to write. I tried pursuing a bunch of things, including writing, but am finding that what I enjoy doing most is being outdoors, photography (particularly birds and animals), riding bikes and, occasionally, crafting. I also study French (in a leisurely way) and strum a guitar for comfort.The only writing I'm doing currently is on this blog and for personal reasons. I tried running other blogs but found I was not motivated to write about WordPress, or crafting...but I enjoy doing this thing so I'm back at it.I maintain, and am planning on continuing to maintain, an Etsy shop but I plan to pursue photography more actively going forward.I looked forward to traveling more in my semi-retirement, and plan to continue, though most of my adventures going forward will be more of a local and lower-cost nature.

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