Poulsbo Viking Fest


Written by: Cheryl


Uff Da! Poulsbo's annual celebration of Norwegian Independence Day with a parade, strong man competition, carnival rides, donut eating, shield walls, and more.
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This is a past event! But check back...if it's one that happens every year, we may update the date for next year when we know when it is.
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May 17, 2024 - May 19, 2024    
12:00 pm - 5:45 pm

Where ?

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Muriel Iverson Williams Waterfront Park
19083 Front Street
Poulsbo, WA

Event Description

Uff Da! Poulsbo Viking Fest brings a lot of traffic to little Poulsbo…which is good, but still. Poulsbo Viking Fest is an annual festival celebrating Syttende mai — in English, the seventeenth of May — which is Norwegian independence day.

Poulsbo was founded by Norwegians and likes to celebrate the heritage.

The celebration in Poulsbo consists of a parade at 2:00 on the Saturday of the event and proceeds down Front Street, a number of vendors at Muriel Iverson Waterfront Park, donut eating contests, Viking shield walls, live entertainment, lots of food (my advice: if you see lutefisk run the other way) and vendors, carnival rides, a road race, a strong man competition, and more.

On the Friday of the event, there’s usually a discounted armband price for carnival rides, but you can buy them during the event. Going to Viking Fest itself, watching the parade, etc. is free.

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Poulsbo Viking Fest

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