Frosty Fest

February 9, 2024 - February 12, 2024 @ All Day -

Poulsbo’s February Frosty Fest includes games, a whiskey tasting, a glogg competition, a scavenger hunt, and more. Ticket prices vary with events.

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This is a past event! But check back...if it's one that happens every year, we may udate the date for next year when we know when it is.
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February 9, 2024 - February 12, 2024    
All Day

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Historic Downtown Poulsbo
Front Street
Poulsbo, WA

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Frosty Fest is an annual Poulsbo event in February with entertainment, games, a scavenger hunt, and the Sons of Norway Bonfire. And, of course, the glogg competition.

Some events are free, some require tickets. Here’s a link to the full schedule of events:

Frosty Fest schedule

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