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The Best Beginner Mountain Bike Trails Near Seattle

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Seattle is home to some great mountain biking and some of the best beginner mountain bike trails in the Pacific Northwest. This is a sponsored post from evo -- a Seattle based retailer that specializes in outdoor equipment...mountainbikes and more!

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This is a sponsored post about Seattle mountain bike trails from evo, a ski, snowboard, mountain bike, surf, wake, skate, camp, and lifestyle retailer based in Seattle, Washington, USA

For the uninformed, Seattle typically conjures up images of the Space Needle, Pike Place Market, and maybe that music museum that looks like some monstrous smashed musical instrument. What those stereotypes omit is the fact that Seattle is home to some really great mountain biking, and more specifically, some of the best beginner mountain bike trails in the Pacific Northwest.

That’s right, Seattle is not just orcas and views of Mt Rainier, it’s also a great place to get started as a mountain biker. Thanks to the city’s size, it’s easy to find a Seattle bike shop where you can buy your first bike, find beginner mountain bike rentals, buy gear and tools, and even learn about bike repair and maintenance.

Once you’ve gotten kitted up in town, it’s time to hit the trails. There are several trail systems and areas that are perfect for beginner mountain bikers just gaining confidence, as well as slightly more advanced trails that will help you progress.

Seattle Mountain Bike Trails

Best Seattle Area Mountain Bike Trails

Saint Edward State Park

A great place to start is Saint Edward State Park. The park is home to 27 trails, with the vast majority of them being green, beginner trails. The trails are all short and interconnected, so it’s hard to get lost, and it’s easy to just wander around and explore different trails.

Most of the trails at Saint Edward are mellow, rolling beginner-friendly singletrack. However, once you’re feeling confident on the bike, there are plenty of small jumps and features to practice on. Saint Edward State Park is the perfect low-pressure place to get comfortable on your mountain bike, before you head out to longer trails.

Duthie Hill

Once you’ve got the basics down, Duthie Hill is a great place to practice and progress. Duthie is a 120 acre mountain bike-specific park. It features much longer trails than Saint Edward, and while there are still plenty of easy, beginner trails, Duthie’s real strength lies in its beginner-intermediate level trails. Get warmed up on a green trail like Bootcamp, and then head out on a longer loop of blue trails to test your skills. Like Saint Edward, Duthie is a very compact trail system, so you’re never that far from the car, and it’s hard to get really lost. However, unlike Saint Edward, the advanced trails at Duthie are nothing to sneeze at. Make sure you’re very confident in your skills and balance before you head out on any of the advanced or expert trails at Duthie, they include bigger features that are dangerous for less confident riders.

Tiger Mountain

Finally, Tiger Mountain is a must-ride for any mountain biker. Tiger Mountain spans a much larger area, with many more miles of trails than either Duthie, or Saint Edward, and it has a broad spectrum of trail difficulties. However, there are still plenty of easy beginner trails, perfect for riders trying to build fitness and confidence. There are also many miles of logging roads that are perfect for riders looking to explore the area on longer rides. If you ride to the top of Tiger you’re treated to a great view of Mt Rainier, and then a long, fun descent down. Like Duthie, there are plenty of blue trails to challenge yourself on, and the black, and double black downhill trails are the real deal. Always make sure you’re prepared and confident for whatever trail you’re riding. 

Seattle Mountain Bike Trails

Sure, people like to talk about Seattle’s dining scene, or its art museums and exhibits. And yes, it is a great city, full of interesting culture that’s worth experiencing. But if you’re just getting started as a mountain biker, Seattle is the perfect place to be. So get out there and try some of these beginner mountain biking trails, you’ll be riding further and faster than you ever imagined before you know it!

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