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Occasionally I get emails offering content for this site. In at least one case, the individual said they had travel content, but when I asked them to propose a post, they offered a long list of prewritten articles on digital marketing.

Am I interested in including guest authors on this website? Absolutely! But only if the posts fit in with the overall themes of this site.

Why would you want to write on Pacific Northwest and Beyond? Because writing is fun? Because you want to be a travel writer but can’t get into a magazine and don’t want to have your own blog? Maybe. If you are interested in adding content here, please read on:

Submission Guidelines and Policies

Please read the following before moving on to the form below and submitting your writing.

  • We currently only accept posts that are in some way related to the themes of travel, the Pacific Northwest, or photography. However, that covers a very broad area and we’re interested in everything from the best sushi places in Seattle to making travel crafts to hiking through the English countryside.
  • We are looking for posts that you 1) wrote yourself 2) are true 3) have the right to submit and publish here (that goes for the photos as well) 4)aren’t posted elsewhere.
  • We want articles that are written in proper English. Please proofread before you submit. While we are willing to do a bit of proofreading and editing, it’s not our preference.
  • Pacific Northwest and Beyond currently cannot pay for posts. What we can give you is author status on your post with an author page, a bio, and a link back to your website. And the satisfaction of seeing your writing on the web.
  • Please keep your content below 2000 words as much as possible. Shorter posts are preferable.
  • You’ll notice that in the form below we only give a few category choices. Please choose one — we’ll select other applicable categories and subcategories later. If you want to add an event to our calendar, don’t do it here — do it here. We also do accept recipes that are at least loosely travel or international-related, but are working on a separate form for that as recipes have a special format, so wait for it.
  • You can use the text editor in the form to add links in your text. Affiliate links will be replaced. Please use the upload form to add no more than ONE featured image for the post. We’ll let you know if we accept your post and will get any other images you want to submit after that. Please keep images all-ages appropriate. You may also use the upload form to upload a document in .doc, .docx, or .rtf format instead of using the text editor.
  • Give us time to read and consider your piece. We lead busy lives and need time to consider your writing and get back to you.
  • Do we accept sponsored posts? We will consider it, but will limit the number of sponsored posts we include. We cannot accept all content we get, and rates vary depending on the post. I’ve made the decision not to link to posts selling alcohol, online gaming/gambling sites, adult sites and reserve the right to “just say no” to posts I feel don’t fit on this site.
  • Questions? You can visit our contact us form to send a message.

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