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Pacific Northwest and Beyond is a growing website featuring travel content, articles about the Pacific Northwest, a PNW event calendar, and does web design to boot. Interested in working with “us”? Read on.

Travel Blog

Travel blog focusing on destinations outside of the Pacific Northwest US, travel tips and resources, as well as content on foreign language study and photography.

Pacific Northwest Blog and Event Calendar

Content about the Pacific Northwest US and British Columbia with (currently) more of a focus on the Puget Sound region.

Web Design

I do a part-time web design business, preferring to work with local businesses and organizations who need an online presence or a small e-commerce site.

Who Am I?

I’m Cheryl. I love to travel, explore the PNW, and when not able to explore, I love to write and work with WordPress. And drink a lot of coffee. So I started PNW and Beyond as a way to merge those inclinations. It’s been a long time getting started, but I now like where this blog is taking me.

Travel Blog

This is the “Beyond” part of Pacific Northwest and Beyond. At present, my collection of travel articles is small, but growing, and I plan to continue writing about destinations I’ve visited, include travel tips and product reviews, and other related content.

I also include foreign language study in the realm of travel and intend to start posting some resources there as well.

I’m also planning to feature some photography content as well as recipes that are in some way related to destinations near or far.

I am available for advertising, collaboration, or travel or product reviews. I can publish reviews of places I’ve stayed, tours I’ve taken, products I’ve tried. 

Pacific Northwest Blog and Event Calendar

Even though I love to travel, I’m not a nomad — though it’s an appealing idea! Home is the beautiful Pacific Northwest US and this site features a local event calendar as well as a growing collection of content about the PNW.

Currently, I’m working on some cornerstone posts about seasonal events, but have an abundance of ideas in the works, including posts about camping and glamping locations, kayaking, food, Seattle memories, local cities and towns, and more.

If you’d simply like your local event posted on our calendar, you can do it here. Currently it’s free to submit a non-featured event (with approval). I’d be happy to talk with you about advertising on this site, doing a review,  or helping with web design.

Web Design and Writing

While I spend much of my available time blogging, I do a part-time freelance web design and, sometimes, writing business. At this point I prefer to keep things small and work with local businesses or organizations that need a web presence in the form of a brochure-style or e-commerce type website, individuals who want help starting a blog, but will then be able to add content on their own, or organizations that need a website for their group.

I work exclusively in WordPress; while I probably could help with a site on a different platform it’s not my area of experience.

Yeah. At some point I might put a spiffy video intro to Pacific Northwest and Beyond Here. But first the writing. For now, you get this video I took on a water taxi in Venice.


Eventually, I’ll put some of those cute little graphics with percentages and numbers and round counters that tell you who my readers are. Oh, wait…let’s just do it now!

I’ll say more about my visitor and subscriber numbers later, but here’s an approximate of who my site visitors are and where they’re from:

Who reads this?

My daughter recently sent me a SurveyMonkey survey to determine what I wanted to do for mother’s day. One of the questions: “Are you a fan of delicious flavor?” Who isn’t?

Pacific Northwest and Beyond reflects a demographic who likes: travel, the outdoors, music, food, pets, theater, green living, movies, shopping, and books. I’m assuming they are also fans of delicious flavor.


Visitors in the United States


US Visitors in the Pacific Northwest

  • Female 74% 74%
  • Male 26% 26%
  • Age 25-34 70% 70%
  • Age 35-44 30% 30%

This was based on a small sample of total users. I know for a fact, for instance, that I have site visitors beyond 44 years of age…but sampling is partial and doesn’t represent 100% of total site visitors.

Keep in Touch

Want to know more about working with me? Let me know more about your project or proposal using the form here. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can and let you know if and how I can help.

Thank you.