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Work With Me

Pacific Northwest and Beyond is a local Pacific Northwest and Puget Sound area blog and events calendar, and a world travel blog. I also write about outdoor gear and travel related products and do reviews.

Though I’m focused mostly on this blog currently, and a few small web design projects, I also do some freelance writing on occasion. Though this blog is focused on travel and events, and that is my favorite subject on which to write, I also enjoy writing about self-help topics, fitness, mindfulness and have a background in geriatrics and am interested in topics regarding aging well.

Here are some ways you can work with me:



I can review your hotel, B&B, product, app, or book related to the content of this site: the PNW, travel, outdoor activities.


While we’re open to any advertiser (with restrictions on type of content and display ad), and our traffic outside the region is growing, many of this site’s readers are in the PNW region due to its event calendar and posts about unique local places. We have two display ad slots available currently. Find out more here.

Events Calendar

You can participate by adding your upcoming PNW event to our calendar at no charge. In the future, I plan to add options for sponsored featured listings.


Press Trips or Local Experiences

Invite me along to experience your destination — abroad or local, trip or local eatery and share the experience with the readers of this blog.

Web Design

I started blogging because of the writing, but grew to love WordPress as a platform. So I started taking on a few web design projects. However, I’ll only work with small, local businesses who need a brochure type site. 


Let’s face it: I’ve published essays, as that’s what I’ve chosen to send out into the world. And I blog because I seem to be addicted to blogging vs actually sending out queries or manuscripts. But I can write guest blog posts, articles about local events or destinations, travel…and I’d be happy to hear about your proposed freelance writing assignment or blog post.


Eventually, I’ll put some of those cute little graphics with percentages and numbers and round counters that tell you who my readers are. Oh, wait…let’s just do it now!

Traffic is growing. I got down to business with this site in 2019 and traffic grew by nearly 2000% I expect more growth in 2020. Here’s an approximate of who my site visitors are and where they are:


Who reads this?

My daughter recently sent me a SurveyMonkey survey to determine what I wanted to do for Mother’s Day (yes, she actually did this!) One of the questions: “Are you a fan of delicious flavor?” Who isn’t?

While I haven’t done any surveys of my readers, stats tell me that Pacific Northwest and Beyond reflects a demographic who likes: travel, the outdoors, music, food, pets, theater, green living, movies, shopping, and books. I’m assuming they are also fans of delicious flavor.


Visitors in the United States


US Visitors in the Pacific Northwest

  • Female 62% 62%
  • Male 38% 38%
  • Age 25-34 48% 48%
  • Age 35-44 24% 24%
  • Age 44-54 28% 28%

Keep in Touch

Want to know more about working with me? Let me know more about your project or proposal using the form here. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can and let you know if and how I can help.

Thank you.