Recently, I’ve been reorganizing this website a bit. I still do an occasional web design project, but I’ve moved my portfolio offsite. If you’re interested in hiring me for a local small web design project, please contact me using the form there.

I haven’t been as active lately in light of COVID-19, but I’m still here and plan to resume writing posts in the near future.

If you’d like tow work with me, currently the following ways are available:

  • Add a local event to the calendar. Local virtual events are OK. This is free to do.
  • Submit a guest post. I’m very open to posts that fit into the content areas of this blog, as long as they also fit the guidelines.
  • Submit a sponsored post. If you’re a business and want to submit a post to promote your business, you can inquire about rates. It still needs to fit within this blog’s content guidelines.

Right now, in light of COVID-19 restrictions, even though some things are opening back up, I’m currently not doing reviews of eating establishments or lodging. And I doubt that you’d invite me to do a review of yours anyways, currently. But, at some point when things open back up, I am interested in doing reviews if they fit into this blog’s content.

Thanks for visiting!


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