Perusing the t-shirts at TeePublic, I came across some retro Seattle t-shirts that I loved. If you recall Chubby and Tubby or ate at Burgermaster (or still do) you might love these.

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Pacific Northwest and Beyond T Shirt Shop retro seattle t-shirts

The holiday season seems to mean the inevitable gift guides on many blogs, and I’m looking forward to writing some, but am even more motivated to finish some final design changes and optimizations before the holidays and the New Year so I can get down to my favorite business which is the posting of events and the WRITING, which it seems I’ve been doing precious little of lately.

And I have so much that I’m excited to write about in the New Year. In the meantime, over the holidays, I’m working on writing some shorter posts (and, yes, probably some gift guides) finishing some optimizations and finalizing design changes on this site, attending and photographing holiday events in the PNW, and spending some needed down time to catch up on rest and health.

In the meantime, I’ve created a shop at TeePublic where I’ve found some T-Shirts I love –some travel-related, some PNW.

But my favorite is a collection of retro Seattle t-shirts. It’s a sure sign that you’re an old Seattleite if you shopped at Chubby and Tubby! Other designs feature BurgerMaster and the OK Hotel. Sadly, I couldn’t find any Lesser Seattle t-shirts. Oh, well…the Californians have come already. Sorry, Emmett!