Where Did Routes, Places, and Maps Go?

Road Cycling Routes

Since I first started PNW&Beyond, I started adding maps of places. I loved doing that as this website was all about places!

So started trying to add route uploading capabilities so I could show routes and trails and host them on this website without having to load yet more external scripts.

However, this has been problematic (and no, I don’t want to hire you to “fix” it). I’ve spent more time on technical issues with this part of the website, and it’s kept me from doing the things I actually WANT to do!

I still plan to add the routes I was planning on adding. I’ll just be writing about them as posts — which I think is a better thing, anyway.

If you want to share a route, you still can! If you have a favorite PNW route or hike, consider submitting it as a post.

And if you find a map associated with a post is missing, it will return! Since this website began, I’ve changed themes and the map functions were specific to that theme so I’ve had to do additional rigamarole (yes, that’s a technical term!) to get them to work.

I’m working on getting rid of the rigamarole and will be replacing some of the old maps with new map functions in the (hopefully) near future.

Thanks for your patience!

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