What to do in Seattle this St. Patricks’ Day? Stay home!..Or if the weather is permitting (it looks like it might be cold, but sunny) get out on the trail, or cook and Irish meal and have some green beer with your family and friends.

When we published this post this year, COVID-19 was here, but events were not yet cancelled. We decided to go ahead and publish this post anyway and are keeping it “alive” for update in 2021. Event cancellations are ever-changing and we can’t keep up with every one. If the event is medium to large, just assume it is cancelled.

In any case, check on the events’ website or with the organizers on the status of the event. And, whatever an event’s status, it’s best to practice social distancing measures to slow the spread of COVID-19.

What to Do in Seattle This St. Patrick's Day Leprechaun

Wondering what to do in Seattle this St. Patrick’s Day ? Here’s a list of upcoming Seattle St. Patrick’s Day events from parade to pub crawl.

If you have an event you think should be on this list of Seattle St. Patrick’s Day Events , you can add it here. Or, you can click here to visit our Seattle/King County events calendar page.

A few of the event listings or links here may be affiliate links, which means that if you click a link that’s an affiliate link an then make a subsequent purchase, I get a small commission at no additional cost to you that goes toward offsetting the time and expenses of running this site.
What to Do in Seattle This St. Patrick's Day

What do Do in Seattle This St. Patrick’s Day

What to Do in Seattle This St. Patrick's Day

There are no upcoming events at this time

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