We’ve been trying to clean up our calendar!This is an update on Summer festivals and events we normally list on our calendar for the Summer, at least from July through the Autumn Equinox, and their current statuses. The big events are canceled, but some have gone to virtual events. It’s been trying to try to change our existing events; right now we’re going month-by-month. We plan to publish another post like this for August.

We plan to resume event notifications to our subscribers once we feel that our event information is current and that we have enough events that our calendar isn’t notifying you of the same ones over and over. Right now, things are still in flux.

Please use precautions with any public events you attend; wear your mask and try to keep a distance from others as much as possible. Stay safe!

What’s the status of my favorite Seattle and Puget Sound area events this Summer?

We’re busy cleaning up our calendar, at least for Summer. Here’s more information about:

  1. Events that have been canceled or postponed until 2021.
  2. Events that have gone virtual.
  3. Events that remain as-is for now, but for which we’re watching the status and
  4. Some suggestions of things to do this Summer in light of all of the events that are being canceled.

Events that have been cancelled

Seafair Events

What is Seattle Summer without Seafair? Sadly, we’ll get the chance to find out this year. While a few Seafair-affiliated events have gone virtual (see below) most Seafair events have been postponed until 2021, but most of them have scheduled new dates for their 2021 events. This includes some of my favorites (and some I’d like to attend some time, but haven’t):

We’ve linked to the event if there are new dates. The new dates maybe for 2021! Where we have estimated the new dates, we’ve noted that in the event listing.

Other Community Festivals

Sports and Race Events

Some cycling events and races have gone virtual this year (see below). Others have been cancelled. Among the ones we’ve removed from our calendar:

Theater and Arts

Of course, theater events that draw large groups, even outdoors, have been cancelled. Some companies, like Seattle Shakespeare are hosting some virtual events. Cancelled events include:

  • Seattle Outdoor Theater Festival as well as outdoor Shakespeare plays by troupes such as Wooden O and Greenstage. Bloedel’s annual outdoor Shakespeare show, Macbeth, has been “rescheduled,” but the date is uncertain. For now, we’ve removed any outdoor Shakespeare event from our calendar. Which is sad, because these free events were some of our Summer favorites!
  • Urban Craft Uprising’s Summer Show
  • Capitol Hill Block Party
  • Kitsap Forest Theater’s wonderful shows have all been postponed as their 2021 lineup.
  • Thing NW
  • Shows at venues like the 5th Avenue and the Paramount.

Geeky Conventions

As conventions require that people congregate en-masse, Summer conventions have been cancelled and/or postponed until 2020. A few have gone online (see below). Here are the one that have been cancelled for this year:

Food Festivals

Most of the food and beer festival we normally list on our calendar have been cancelled. Somehow, though we’ve been hearing a LOT about virtual wine tasting events. Here are our usual favorite Summer beer festivals that have been cancelled this year:

  • Ballard Seafoodfest
  • Crafted Brew Fest (Longview): It’s been postponed to an indoor food and beer festival on October 3.

4th of July Events

All of the regular 4th of July events that we had on our calendar have been canceled for 2020. Make it a day to spend with your family, make a picnic, have some watermelon, get outside, just not en masse.

Beer Festivals

  • Bremerton Summer Brewfest
  • PNA Beer Taste
  • Seattle International Beerfest

Some Fairs

Most community fairs, like the Kitsap County Fair and The Evergreen State Fair in Snohomish have been cancelled.

The Washington State Fair in Puyallup is, as of the end of June 2020, still planning on opening in September, but this may change depending on Washington’s Safe Start plan.

Events that have gone virtual

Some organizers are finding ways to keep their annual event running, though online. While an online event doesn’t have the energy, crowds, etc. as a live event, it is a way to support and keep in touch with your favorite local organizations.

Here are some events that have gone virtual.

Seafair Events

These Seafair-affiliated events now are scheduled as virtual events:

Geeky Conventions

A few Summer conventions have gone to a virtual format. The ones we know of:

Rides and Races

In addition to the Seafair Triathlon mentioned above, a number of the bike rides and races have moved to a virtual race/ride format this Summer:

Seattle HempFest

They’re keeping the weekend of speakers on the subject of cannabis as-is…but moving to an online format. I’m not sure yet what this online format will be.

Bainbridge Island Rotary Auction and Rummage Sale

This annual enormous rummage sale, normally held at Woodward Middle School is one that we add to our calendar every year.

This year, the event, normally held late June or early July has been moved to a weeklong online event in August. I’m sure to check this one out. If you hate crowds, maybe you’ll like this one better, but I’ll miss the energy, chaos, and exhaustion of the normal event. I’ll probably end up with less crap that I’ll re-donate, though.

Seattle Design Festival

This festival has gone online this year for the same dates as the original festival. We’re not sure of the platform they plan to use.

We don’t yet know about these events:

These events on our cancelled are uncertain. They may be postponed, but we don’t know the date:

What to do this July?

While large events have been, canceled for everyone’s health and safety, Summer hasn’t been!

  • Most campgrounds are open. I’m considering pitching a tent soon as I’ve been feeling housebound. If you keep your distance and use precautions, camping can be a great way to appreciate our beautiful area.
  • Most hiking trails are open. Just be ready to move aside to provide distance to others on local trails, which may be narrow.
  • August 25 is both a Washington State Parks and Olympic National Park free day.
  • You can socially distance while paddling. If you don’t have access to one, some kayaking and paddling rental places are open and a few paddling events are still scheduled to take place.
  • Have a picnic. Find a local park that’s less populated, spread out your picnic blanket, and make a day of it. Cheese and wine are essentials.
  • Go to your local farmer’s market. As providers of food, most farmer’s markets are open. However, don’t plan to linger too long — there’s still a need to provide space for distancing.
  • See what virtual events your favorite organization may be hosting. Sign up for a virtual race or event to help you stay motivated to reach your fitness goals.
  • Go to a Drive-in Movie! Drive-in movies are making a comeback in the COVID era, but they’ve never entirely been out of fashion with families — I took my kids to them all the time when they were younger as drive-ins allowed for napping, noise, and restless kids without interrupting other moviegoers. Drive-ins are allowed to operate under Phase 2 of Washington’s Safe Start plan and allow you to stay in your car or just outside your car instead of in the close proximity of a movie theater.
  • While some of the usual outdoor lawn concerts may or may not be canceled, the Washington State Fair is hosting a drive-in country music concert series in July. Listen from your car!
  • Get involved. While huge crowds and protesting aren’t my things, you can still find ways to volunteer from letter writing to collecting food for local food banks to lending a helping hand to a neighbor that needs it. I am aware that I don’t do enough of this (just in case you planned to call my bluff.)
  • And my favorite: hang in the hammock and read a good book.

Now back to updating the calendar for Autumn (after a break).

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