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From time to time we get asked if we accept guest or sponsored posts. And the answer is: yes, we do. With some caveats.

I love getting posts from the community. Not only does it add some content, it also adds a variety of voices to the mix.

However, I can’t accept everything I receive here. I’ve had to say no to a wide variety of posts, either it was because they were for things that were potentially scammy in nature, or were vastly off of the many topics of this website.

We’re now requiring login to submit a post so we can associate your user account with your post authorship as well as to prevent comment spam from our post.

You can find specifics about what we might accept as well as terms after the submission form.Thank you for wanting to be a part of Pacific Northwest and Beyond.If you’re not registered, you register here.

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Write for Us : Writers Guidelines for Submitting a Guest Post on Pacific Northwest and Beyond

What write for us topics will you consider accepting?

Pacific Northwest and Beyond is a website that publishes content about travel and the Pacific Northwest United States. We cover the following subjects:

  • Travel tips
  • Travel destinations
  • Travel stories
  • Pacific Northwest content: posts about PNW places, events, and activities
  • Seattle vintage memories (you can submit a post for that here as well!)
  • Travel related quotes (with commentary)
  • Posts about the outdoors and outdoor activities.

What won’t you accept?

While the primary author and editor of this site sometimes goes off-topic, guest posts outside of the topics listed above will not be considered. Please do not send us guest posts, for instance, about digital marketing, college admissions, etc.

In addition, we do not accept:

  • Posts that are simply a collection of links or promotions.
  • Your affiliate links. We do use our own affiliate links on our site, but are wary of including links for others’ affiliate accounts. We think that if you’re writing a guest post that links to products you’re better off either doing so directly or linking back to a corresponding post on your own site. Affiliate links in your post submission will be removed and we reserve the right to add our own affiliate links if appropriate. This applies to guest posts — sponsored posts will be determined on a case by case basis.
  • We do not accept:
    • Porn, or links to porn.
    • Posts that promote or link to online gambling.
    • Content with speech that incites hate (i.e. posts with bigotry, racial epithets, etc.)
  • Posts that are extremely disorganized or not written in good English. We are willing to do some editing. In fact, we probably will do some editing with your permission. However, we don’t want to have to spend an excessive amount of time revamping your post.
  • Posts that you don’t have the authority to publish. By submitting a post to us, you acknowledge yourself as the author of the post and with rights to post it. This means that you haven’t sold the rights to it somewhere previously and that you haven’t cut and pasted it from somewhere else. We do run prospective posts through a plagarism check. And we prefer posts that are original and not reposts from somewhere else.

We recommend Grammarly as a good tool for self-checking your spelling and grammar before you submit.

What Do I Get For My Guest Post ?

Currently, we don’t have the budget to pay for guest posts. We cannot pay you for your content when you write for us . It’s our goal to eventually be able to pay for well-written and informative articles, but currently, it’s not a possibility.

However, what we can give you, when you write for us, is author credit.

That is, you’ll have an author box on your post, if you want, with a link to your website and social media. However, your links must be genuine and non-spammy links.

And you’ll be listed as an author on our authors page, or in the authors sidebar widget on any page that has one.

You also get the satisfaction of seeing your guest post published on our site.

Do You Accept Sponsored Posts?

We consider including or writing sponsored posts for this site. However, links in paid sponsored posts will reflect the rel=sponsored tag. We do not “dofollow” paid sponsored links.

Our rates for writing or publishing sponsored posts vary with the type and amount of content; for now please contact us with inquiries. I plan on posting a media kit in the future.

For sponsored posts, I reserve the right to edit headlines, grammar, etc. the same as I do with regular guest posts. If what you are requesting is a product review, I may be happy to try your product if it’s relevant to this website. However, product reviews will always reflect what I actually think of a product.

How Will Know When My Guest Post is Accepted?

When you submit your guest post, you’ll get an automated confirmation email. Please make sure you have submitted your email address to us correctly.

We’ll email you when we reach a decision on your post or if we have additional questions before scheduling it.

When will we get back to you? That varies with our schedule, so we cannot guarantee response times. Generally, we’ll contact you in a week or two , sometimes less — or sometimes more if we’re traveling.

Again, thank you for your consideration!