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Thank you for visiting our write for us page and for your interest in submitting a guest post to Pacific Northwest and Beyond.  We are interested in publishing guest authors on this site, but cannot accept everything we receive. Please read on below for our writers’ guidelines or, if you’ve already read them, you can jump down to the submission form below.

Please note: If your submission is a Pacific Northwest event (as opposed to a post about a Pacific Northwest event) you’re in the wrong place. Click here to submit your PNW event to our event calendar.

This post or page may contain affiliate links.  That means if you click on a link that is an affiliate link, and then make a subsequent purchase, I get a small commission, at no additional cost to you, which helps me support this website.

What write for us topics will you consider accepting?

Pacific Northwest and Beyond is a website that publishes content about travel and the Pacific Northwest United States. What we eventually will include within these topics covers a wide range of topics:

  • Travel tips
  • Travel destinations
  • Travel stories
  • Foreign language study tips (travel emphasis)
  • Pacific Northwest content
  • Seattle vintage memories
  • Photography tips and resources
  • Travel related quotes (with commentary) and
  • “Travel-related” recipes.

However, we cannot accept every post submission that you submit.

What won't you accept?

While the primary author and editor of this site sometimes goes off-topic, guest posts outside of the topics listed above will not be considered. Please do not send us guest posts, for instance, about digital marketing, college admissions, etc.

In addition, we do not accept:

  • Posts that are simply a collection of links or promotions.
  • Your affiliate links. We do use our own affiliate links on our site, but are wary of including links for others’ affiliate accounts. We think that if you’re writing a guest post that links to products you’re better off either doing so directly or linking back to a corresponding post on your own site. Affiliate links in your post submission will be removed and we reserve the right to add our own affiliate links if appropriate. This applies to guest posts — sponsored posts will be determined on a case by case basis.
  • We do not accept:
    • Porn, or links to porn.
    • Posts that promote or link to online gambling.
    • Content with speech that incites hate (i.e. posts with bigotry, racial epithets, etc.)
  • Posts that are extremely disorganized or not written in good English. We are willing to do some editing. In fact, we probably will do some editing with your permission. However, we don’t want to have to spend an excessive amount of time revamping your post.
  • Posts that you don’t have the authority to publish. By submitting a post to us, you acknowledge yourself as the author of the post and with rights to post it. This means that you haven’t sold the rights to it somewhere previously and that you haven’t cut and pasted it from somewhere else. We do run prospective posts through a plagarism check. And we prefer posts that are original and not reposts from somewhere else.

We recommend Grammarly as a good tool for self-checking your spelling and grammar before you submit.

What Do I Get For My Guest Post ?

Currently, we don’t have the budget to pay for guest posts. We cannot pay you for your content when you write for us . It’s our goal to eventually be able to pay for well-written and informative articles, but currently, it’s not a possibility.

However, what we can give you, when you write for us, is author credit.

That is, you’ll have an author box on your post, if you want, with a link to your website and social media. However, your links must be genuine and non-spammy links.

And you’ll be listed as an author on our authors page, or in the authors sidebar widget on any page that has one.

You also get the satisfaction of seeing your guest post published on our site.

Do You Accept Sponsored Posts?

We consider including or writing sponsored posts for this site. However, links in paid sponsored posts will reflect the rel=sponsored tag.

Our rates for writing or publishing sponsored posts vary with the type and amount of content; for now please contact us with inquiries. I plan on posting a media kit in the future.

For sponsored posts, I reserve the right to edit headlines, grammar, etc. the same as I do with regular guest posts. If what you are requesting is a product review, I may be happy to try your product if it’s relevant to this website. However, product reviews will always reflect what I actually think of a product.

How Will Know When My Guest Post is Accepted?

When you submit your guest post, you’ll get an automated confirmation email. Please make sure you have submitted your email address to us correctly.

We’ll email you when we reach a decision on your post or if we have additional questions before scheduling it.

When will we get back to you? That varies with our schedule, so we cannot guarantee response times. Generally, we’ll contact you in a week or two , sometimes less — or sometimes more if we’re traveling.

Write for Us : Writers Guidelines for Submitting a Guest Post on Pacific Northwest and Beyond

Travel Blog Write for Us Pacific Northwest Blog Guest Post

Write for Us ! Submit Your Guest Post Here:

Your Information

Please enter your details so we can credit you properly for your post if we decide to accept and publish it, and so that we may contact you if we need to regarding any editorial changes or other information.
Please keep it below 300 characters.

Your Post Content

Please fill in the forms for your post content below.
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
We like to have a featured image for the post. Please upload it here!
Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 10 files.
If you have additional photos to add to your post, please upload them here.
Thank you for submitting a post to Pacific Northwest and Beyond. By submitting a post, you agree to and acknowledge the following:

1. Submitting a post using this form in no way obligates Pacific Northwest and Beyond to publish said post. Even if you have contacted us prior to this with a specific topic and we agree to look at it, that does not imply definite acceptance until we have seen your completed post. We have the right to reject any post for any reason.

2. Unless we have agreed in advance on either accepting payment for sponsored content or paying the author for post content, Pacific Northwest and Beyond will not provide compensation for your post or article.

3. You certify that you have the right to submit this content. It is your own, original, work and is not plagarized nor does it infringe on copyright.

4. Posts will acknowledge your authorship, but will be the property of Pacific Northwest and Beyond, LLC. You will get an author bio on the post with a photo if you would like and a link to your website and social media. These links must be to legitimate sites and cannot be affiliate links. You will also be included on our authors page if and when we add one. Additionally, you can link to content on your site that relates to your post content. However, affiliate links are not permitted in guest post submissions.

5. Pacific Northwest and Beyond reserves the right to add its own affiliate links where appropriate.

6. Pacific Northwest and Beyond does not guarantee any specific traffic to your post or reach to your website from guest posts on this website.

7. Pacific Northwest and Beyond reserves the right to edit posts for spelling and grammar when appropriate without contacting the author. If we want to make significant changes to title or content, we will contact you in advance.

8. Please ensure that you have provided valid contact information. If we need to contact you before publishing your post but cannot reach you, will will try three times and keep your post in our database for thirty days and, after that, delete it.

9. By submitting a guest post to Pacific Northwest and Beyond, you agree that you are in no way becoming a part of the website or company, nor shall you hold yourself out to be a member of Pacific Northwest and Beyond.
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