Where is the PNW Events Calendar?

Thank you to everyone who’s visited our events calendar over the last couple of years and especially to local organizations that participated by submitting your events.

Sadly, I’ve finally made the decision to stop running an events calendar on this website. Running an events calendar takes much time and website resources. Currently, largely due to the dearth of events in the wake of COVID-19, our website cannot support the resources our events calendar takes to run. Additionally, I’m finding my own personal health dictates I spend less time in front of a screen. That being the case, I’ve decided to focus my energies more on writing on this an other blogs vs. running a calendar.

Pacific Northwest and Beyond is still here, though. While we have some travel posts yet to write, we’ll likely be focusing more on local places, routes, and activities in the future. Even when travel resumes I’ll likely be focusing more on living a bit more sustainably and locally. Events will still be part of the mix, just not in calendar form.

We’ve temporarily removed posts with lists of events from our calendar. I plan to bring some back on a seasonal basis and revise them from year to year. If you’re trying to visit a post about local events, chances are it will reappear at some point, fresh and updated.

Thank you much! Stay safe and healthy,