Using Photos from PNW and Beyond
Thank you for your interest in using photos from this website. Please read on for more information on permissions for using photos from this website.

  1. Please do not copy and paste images from this website without attribution.
  2. Not all of the images or video clips on this site are ours. As we run an event calendar and sometimes need featured images we either use free photos sites like Pexels or, occasionally, paid photography sites to supplement. We’re working toward replacing stock photos with our own but, as we would not want attribution for something we did not create, we request that you ask us for permission if you see a photo on our site and wish to use it.
  3. Please attribute the photo either to or to the URL of the post where you found the image.
  4. You do not need to ask permission for the use of photos that you find in our photography stock photo shop. Those are images we created and own. The large image size for photos there may be purchased and downloaded on our site. The pricing is pay-what-you-will, but if you’re going to download and use a large image, we do suggest an appropriate amount.
  5. If you pay for an image on this site, you have non-exclusive (meaning others can also purchase and use the same image) but do not need to attribute it to us (unless you’d like to). However, you can not claim that the image is one you produced yourself, either.
  6. If there’s a  video here that we created and that you’d like to embed on your site and embedding is allowed for that video, go ahead and embed away! We’d always appreciate attribution.