List Pacific Northwest Events

List Pacific Northwest events on our calendar here.

Adding a basic event is always free. But if you want to promote your event on our calendar event more, we offer a featured event listing option.

Please fill in the form as completely as possible, and only add numbers into the cost of the event.

Events are eligible that are in WA, OR, ID, and BC, but events are subject to review and editing before going “live” and there may be a delay of a few days before seeing your event approved. I reserve the right to reject any event.

Please consider the following when entering your event. These tips make it easier for us to list your event faster and with less editing.

  • Please enter the price of the event without dollar signs. If the event is free, write 0.
  • If your event listing refers to “us” (such as “join us for…” please consider writing the name of your organization here instead for clarity.
  • Please only enter one URL in the Event Website field. If you are tempted to enter two URLS, perhaps you are trying to list events that would be better listed as seperate events.
  • Please make sure that your event isn’t already on our calendar. If we’ve added the event already and you want us to make changes, you can contact us. If you submit a new event through this form that’s already on our calendar, we’ll generally edit the existing event based on additional information provided with the duplicate event and then delete the duplicate.
  • If you are not seeing anything in the field to enter your event information, click the “text” option and try it text-only.