Mother’s Day isn’t cancelled — but who knows the status of events by May 10? Hopefully, we’ll see a decline in COVID-19 cases by I’m aware that we may still see the need for some social distancing and event cancellations even by Mother’s Day.

We’re still adding some events to our calendar — and to this post — and trying to keep up to date on changes and cancellations, but it is time consuming.

Right now, the best way to take care of Mom is to stay healthy by staying home unless you’re an essential worker — and if you are, THANK YOU!

Stay healthy, stay well, and stay home.

Happy Mother’s Day. This post contains some suggestions for celebrating Seattle Mother’s Day (and nearby) followed by a list of Puget Sound Mother’s Day events for this year. You can expect more events to fill in as the date approaches.

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What is your Mom like? While brunch or high tea is the first thing that comes to mind when I think of celebrating Mother’s Day, there are plenty of other options for Puget Sound area and Seattle Mother’s Day activities. Whether Mom likes improv, fitness, wine, crafts, or music, there are plenty of choices for things to do with Mom for Mother’s Day in the greater Puget Sound area.

If you know of an additional Mother’s Day event you think should be included here you can click here to add it to our calendar.

Where I Would Take Mom for Seattle Mother’s Day


Salty's On Alki Seattle Mother's Day Brunch

Salty’s On Alki (Seattle)

Many years ago, Salty’s or Hiram’s (now, unfortunately, closed) were my go-to spots for a Sunday brunch, at least if funds allowed. I recall taking my mother and mother-in-law to Salty’s to celebrate a special Mother’s Day brunch when my daughter was small and she, subsequently, has taken me there for Mother’s Day.

Salty’s serves their extraordinary brunch buffet every Saturday and Sunday — not just holidays. But it also comes with a price tag that’s made it a special occasion, rather than routine,  spot for us. Featuring seafood, an omelette and waffle bar, pasteries, and more (the menu is here), this has been the first place that comes to mind when I think of going out for a special brunch.


Portage Bay Cafe Logo Seattle Mother's Day Brunch

Portage Bay Cafe (Seattle)

My daughter introduced me to the Portage Bay Cafe. I’ve only ever been to the Ballard location — not too terribly far from where Hiram’s used to be.

Not just for Mother’s Day — they serve brunch every day. But the breakfast bar is something special. We’ve gone there enough now that I have a go-to meal: the Bananas Foster French Toast with The Kraken rum sauce.  As if that’s not enough, I go to the breakfast bar and slather it with even more toppings. Mmmmm.

Goldfinch Tavern Four Seasons Hotel Seattle Mother's Day Brunch

Mother’s Day Brunch at the Four Seasons (Seattle)

Listen O my children! This brunch sounds AMAZING. Brunch at the luxurious Four Seasons hotel catered by the Goldfinch Tavern with a menu by Ethan Stowell and live music! Do you have my reservation ready?

They (reservations) are, of course, required and I’m sure this is one that will sell out. Prices are $35 for kids and $95 for adults.

Please note: At the time of this writing this information was from 2019. As this event is a regular occurrence, it will likely happen again in 2020.

High Tea

Another favorite option for Seattle Mother’s Day is high tea. Again, I’d book in advance and, again, these are a couple of brick-and-mortar locations that host tea for Mother’s Day, but you might want to check the list below as plenty of places host tea for Mother’s Day. If you really want to impress Mom with tea (and have extra time and cash,) take her up to Victoria on the Victoria Clipper and go to the Empress Hotel for high tea. Be sure to keep your pinky out!

Ollala Vineyard and Winery Mother's Day Brunch

Queen Mary Teahouse (Seattle)

When I think of going out for high tea somewhere in Seattle, Queen Mary is what first comes to mind. I took my daughter here for tea on Mother’s Day when she was five which, I think, set her off on a lifelong craving for tea and mini-sandwiches. We visited again this last year — not on Mother’s Day, but it’s always a special treat.

Mother’s Day High Tea at Friday Afternoon Teahouse (Seattle)

Friday Afternoon Tea is going on my Seattle to-do list as I read the words “geeky-themed tea shop.” Their tea blends have names referring to fantasy and comic characters…but they’re delicious! We had the pleasure of sampling a bunch of them at Geek Craft Expo, but need to visit their teahouse before Mother’s Day!

In 2019, they hosted a tea on Mother’s Day at 2 and 4 PM for $35 per person. At the time of this writing there’s nothing on their calendar yet…but I bet there will be. Even if not, this might be a fun place to take Mom, especially if Mom is a geek who likes tea.


Another favorite Seattle Mother’s Day activities for some moms is wine drinking. As most of the events in this category are potentially variable year after year, please check the list below for specific events.

Things to watch for: wine and cheese tours on Bainbridge Island featuring five Bainbridge Island wineries, or plenty of events offering wine and painting. Or, you could just take mom for tastings at any of the area wineries like Chateau St. Michelle (they usually have Mother’s Day wine tasting experience.)


You don’t have to choose, you can take Mom out for brunch and music.

A couple of potential options? Driving up to Finn River Farm and Cidery in Chimacum where they usually have live music in their cider garden, or going to one of the Beatles’ Mother’s Day concerts put on by Seattle Rock Orchestera.

Other Ideas

Other options abound for Mother’s Day, but most on non-recurring. Check the list below for some options. For fit moms, The Seattle Color Run usually happens Mother’s Day weekend, and the Rat City Roller Girls often have a Mother’s Day Bout. You also might find crafting or theater events.

Upcoming Seattle Mother’s Day events and Puget Sound Mother’s Day events 2020

This is a list of upcoming Mother’s Day events on our calendar. Check back, because it will start to fill in as we get more events on our calendar for this year!

There are no upcoming events at this time

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