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Epic Road Trip!

Driving Scotland's North Coast 500


About this series

Scotland's North Coast 500 comprises over 500 breathtaking miles through Scotland's highlands.

Rather than write one post, I've decided to break it into a series of posts.

Our trip started in Edinburgh, NOT in the highlands, and there are some "extras" we did and some stops that we missed.

The post series will start will a general "FYI and trip-planning advice post" and continue with stops along the way.

New posts will appear here -- in chronological order starting with the first one in the series.

Castle Varrich

Scotland's North Coast 500: The Posts

Exploring the North Coast 500 Part One: Planning Your Adventure

This is the first in what will be a long series of posts about Scotland's North Coast 500 -- an epic and memorable road trip (though I'd better write about it before I forget about it!) This post consists of an introduction and some tips and resources for trip planning. Future posts will comprise stops along the route and some other places in Scotland.

The Map

I also posted this map on another page. It's a work-in-progress that will change as I write posts. The green icons with the bagpipers are stops that were on the NC 500 passport scheme, but comprise a full trip around the NC500 -- but I'll be adding pins both for the NC500 and for other areas to visit.. When I'm done with the post series, I'll open up the map to visitor-added markers. (Note: currently I'm having issues with the Google zoom control images -- to zoom in, press control and use your scroll wheel.)

Get Directions

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A North Coast 500 Playlist

A playlist is a must-have for any road trip

Here's a growing playlist of some suggested music for your Scotland road trip. We definitely played more than this on our adventure, but this list is limited to either Scottish folksongs, Scottish bands, or, perhaps Celtic-inspired pieces.

You may not agree with all of the choices (I'm not sure I do), but feel free to add your own suggestions and I may add them to the playlist.

Some Additional Trip-Planning Resources

The North Coast 500 official website has a ton of resources but can be a bit overwhelming.
NC 500 Website

Epic Road Rides has a good post for those intrepid souls thinking about cycling the route.
Cycling the NC500

The NC500 is a popular route with motorcyclists. Here's a post with more information from that perspective.
Motorcycle Scotland

I'm a huge "fan" of Philip's Navigator Scotland. Just get it.
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