Just a quickly written “state of the blog,” and personal update here…

This blog started quite a while back, in its initial form. Like me, it wasn’t quite sure what it wanted to be so it first incarnated as a very local blog with a single post, then it turned into a travel blog, but it found that it wanted to be a local blog as well, but it also wanted to be a photography blog or a foreign language blog.

So then, it decided, “why not?” It could be all of the above.[footnote]After all aren’t travel, local exploration, photography and language study kind of connected?[/footnote]

It’s a little like me: I want to write, do photography, mess around with videography, blog, and do a number of other things and have been, possibly, going through a second midlife identity crisis. I’ve long had this idea in my little brain that, because people told me a long time ago that I had some writing talent and should keep writing, it meant I should have written professionally — yet I chose to do something completely different professionally.  This idea — that I should have been a writer — has been a lifelong bugaboo, as often happens with stories we tell ourselves. Now, I have the chance to write but I find that, perhaps, I don’t actually like the type of writing I thought I wanted to do. What motivates me is writing this blog (plus another personal blog), occasionally sending out query letters when I feel inspired to do so, and gradually working on a novel. It turns out I still love to write but if it means I have to churn out 30 query letters a month (or “pin 30 pins a day” which is what one email told me I needed to do to be “a successful pinner.” If it means doing that, I don’t know if I want to be a successful pinner.) But I’m now more free to take my time and pick my projects.[footnote]

But, finally, I’m finding this blog is one of the things I enjoy working on, and I find that I have much I want to write about.  And now that I’m done with some modifications, I plan to get back to the business of actually writing content (that is after I get back from Scotland).

Right now, I’m actually working, as well, on a paid blog design project for someone else which, so far, I’m finding is actually easier than developing my own site in some ways.  And here, I’m working on posts about my last solo trip and have PNW posts planned about some exciting places that I’ve stayed. And I have a short travel story being published in a travel magazine this fall — so I have plenty to keep me busy, but I’m finding I have to pace myself so I attend to important things like personal health and relationships as well.

I look forward to writing more here soon.