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Family Friendly? Yes!
Distance: Approximately 1 mile both ways.
Difficulty: Easy
Look for: Watch for birds! Not only seagulls, but bald eagles, sandpipers, hawks, and more. Go at low tide for tidepools.

Foulweather Bluff is an easy, family-friendly hike to a wonderful beach area. During COVID-19 I haven’t gone there near enough — and when I have, it’s been such an excellent and tranquil place to socially distance that I am afraid to write about it.

Above is a map of the trailhead location, as well as a route map taken from my most recent walk there on St. Patrick’s Day.

Foulweather Bluff is quite family-friendly, but not pet-friendly. This isn’t a place to run with your dog on the beach as it’s a protected nature preserve.

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