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Getting to the Paris Catacombs

Getting to the Paris Catacombs isn’t difficult, even if you’re going on the Eurostar on a day trip from London (which I would NOT recommend doing, just in case you’re thinking about it!)

For this post, we’ll assume you’re a tourist and aren’t driving — as a visitor, I’d always use public transit.

From Gare du Nord

If you’re taking a day trip to Paris from London on the Eurostar and going straight to the catacombs (which I don’t recommend, by the way — you need more time to appreciate Paris…or any place for that matter) Gare du Nord is where you’ll be. From here, you can take RER B to get to the catacombs.

RER B (RER stands for Réseau Express Régional and is the train system) goes directly from Gare du Nord to the Paris Catacombs toward Denfert-Rochereau, and get off at that stop. Once you get off just go diagonally across the street — you’ll see it.

Paris Metro

As you can see if you click the icon on the map, Metro lines 4 and 6 stop at Denfert-Rochereau as well.

I wish I could provide a map of the entire layout of the catacombs. It’s a fascinating place and vast — only a small part is open to visitors on the tour.

Here’s an old map via Amazon:

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