Lavender Farms Map 0 (0)

This is a map of lavender farms or fields (best to visit in mid-July, generally), starting with ones that I’ve visited in the Sequim, WA area.

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low tide at Foulweather bluff

Foulweather Bluff Trailhead Map and Route 0 (0)

Foulweather Bluff in Hansville, WA is a relatively easy 1-mile walk to the beach (to and from). But the trailhead is not well-marked from the road. Here’s the location — but I urge you NOT to go there so I can have it all to myself!

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routes category image

Routes 0 (0)

This is the archives page for all of the routes (not just posts about routes but the routes with actual maps). Some feature user-generated markers.

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Vintage map with toy car maps routes and places

Map Collections 0 (0)

We love maps! These are all of the multi-location maps on our website. Generally, they’re Google Maps with custom markers to accompany some of our posts. Some have user-generated markers as well.

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