The Pacific Northwest comprises the region of British Columbia, Canada, and the states of Washington, Oregon, and Idaho in the US. And it is my home. As much a I long to wander and travel, the more I do, the more I realize that I’m lucky to live in one of the many beautiful regions of the world that I’ve seen.

I love living near green, green trees, mountains and, especially, water. I couldn’t fathom ever living somewhere without some sort of sea.

Posts in our Pacific Northwest blog section include posts about Pacific Northwest events, places to visit or stay, and activities and things to do. 

“Home” for me is the Puget Sound area, so you’ll find more about that area of the PNW than the rest. 

I, unfortunately, had to recreate my theme recently — look soon for a new Seattle blog page and Seattle Vintage page as well as new pages for travel and desinations.

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Fun PNW Places to Stay

Near-City Escapes: Romantic Waterfront Retreats Near Seattle

Near-City Escapes: Romantic Waterfront Retreats Near Seattle

If you’re a city dweller who needs a brief escape but doesn’t have the time for an extended getaway, it’s possible to find little waterfront hideaways near Seattle that can allow you to get away from it all without getting too far away from it all. We stayed at this small cabin on Meydenbauer Bay in Medina (graciously loaned to us for an overnight). Read on about this cabin as well as some other near-city hideaways to add to my escape list from cabins to Seattle houseboats that you can rent.

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Outdoor Pacific Northwest Activities

Posts about PNW Events


Look for more sections in the future as I reconstruct our blog category pages.

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