Highgate West Cemetery London East Cemetery with Filter

Cemeteries I’ve Visited: An Album

Do you like to visit cemeteries? This post is a work-in-progress photo album of cemeteries I've visited.
Washington State Ferry

Ferry Travel in the Time of Coronavirus?

Washington State's Ferries are essential for many. If you must take the ferry during this COVID-19 crisis, follow social distancing measures.
Six Hand Drawn Books

Six Hand-Drawn Travel Books That Just Might Make You Want to Put Down the...

If you're like me, sometimes when you travel you're tempted to spend part of your trip behind the lens of a camera or snapping photos on your phone to share later. But putting down the gadgets and picking up a pencil can help us to slow down and have a more "mindful" journey. Here are six hand-drawn books I've recently enjoyed about travel or places that just might inspire me to put down the camera (only for a bit) and pick up a pencil.
Visiting Stonehenge

A Brief Guide to Visiting Stonehenge

I won't be seeing the Rolling Stones in Seattle this spring, but I DID finally get to visit the original STANDING stones last spring. Here are some highlights on my journey and some tips for visiting Stonehenge.
Hiking on Trail

“Sheltering in Place” and Getting Outside?

There's a lot of talk right now about "sheltering in place" during the COVID-19 pandemic. Does sheltering in place mean staying indoors at all times, or is it acceptable and responsible right now to enjoy the great outdoors to stay sane while still staying healthy?