hammock camping 101

A Lesson in Hammock Camping 0 (0)

I got a lesson in hammock camping from some avid hammock campers. Here's what I found out: what you need as well as some things to consider.
Seattle BLM Photo

The Drone Video of the Capitol Hill Black Lives Matter Mural in Seattle is...

An photographer took an overhead drone photo of the Black Lives Matter mural in Seattle's CHAZ. I thought it was worth a post.
Chester suitcase with vignette starter travel gifts carry on luggage what to put in your carry on

Gifts for the Traveler Who Has Nothing 0 (0)

"Gifts for the traveler who has everything," comes to mind when thinking about holiday gift lists to create. But what about gifts for the traveler who has...nothing? When my daughter asked me to borrow my carry-on I, instead, put together a holiday package that would serve her for the many years of travel she has ahead of her. Hint: these are also good basic things to put in your carry on bag in general.
Seattle Walk Report Book

Why Didn’t I Hear of the Seattle Walk Report Before This? 0 (0)

The Seattle Walk Report is a charming Instagram account. -- and now book -- especially if you're a local. How did I miss it until now?