Liberia Acqua Alta Venice Bookstore

Books and Boats! The unique beauty of Venice’s Libreria Acqua Alta 0 (0)

Read more about this beautiful and unique Venice bookstore that has its books in gondolas and other boats due to Venice's rising water level.
House of MinaLima a Harry Potter gallery in London

The Magical House of MinaLima Harry Potter Gallery in London 0 (0)

Budding wizards (or muggle Harry Potter fans) probably already know about this London gallery. But if not, read on. MinaLima designed all the graphics for the Wizarding World of JK Rowling films. The gallery is an amazing collection of art, and Harry Potter ephemera.
Kitsap Salmon Tours Kitsap Salmon Viewing Day

Where to View Salmon Spawning in Kitsap County This Autumn 0 (0)

Every year the salmon return from the ocean to their home streams to spawn. WSU offers a day of salmon viewing and education in the fall. Here's where and when to view spawning salmon in Kitsap County this Autumn.
Why take a ghost tour creepy haunted house phot

Why Take a Ghost Tour? 0 (0)

Why would a skeptic love ghost tours? There are a few good reasons why the unbeliever or undecided would enjoy taking a ghost tour. The post includes a poll you can answer about your experience with ghost tours.
Blogger Recognition Award

Blogger Recognition Award 0 (0)

We were nominated for the "Blogger Recognition Award" so here's a post to thank the bloggers that nominated us and carry it forward!
seattle romantic getaways seattle waterfront retreats near seattle vrbo Seattle houseboats seattle houseboats for rent

Near-City Escapes: Romantic Waterfront Retreats Near Seattle 0 (0)

If you’re a city dweller who needs a brief escape but doesn’t have the time for an extended getaway, it’s possible to find little waterfront hideaways near Seattle that can allow you to get away from it all without getting too far away from it all. We stayed at this small cabin on Meydenbauer Bay in Medina (graciously loaned to us for an overnight). Read on about this cabin as well as some other near-city hideaways to add to my escape list from cabins to Seattle houseboats that you can rent.
One or Two Trekking Poles Why use trekking poles

One Trekking Pole or Two? Inquiring Minds Want to Know! 0 (0)

My husband and I were arguing about the merits of one trekking pole vs. two. So what is the right answer? I did my own subjective research. Here are some of the reasons to use poles at all and the advantages of using one or two poles.
JONO PNW Music Video North Pacific Northwest Forests

Instrumental Rock Artist JONO Highlights (and Supports) PNW Beauty 0 (0)

Instrumental rock artist JONO recently released a PNW music video called North and is donating proceeds toward Conservation Northwest. The video features locations in CA, OR, WA and BC and shows the beauty of old growth forests.
Otaku Kyoto Geeky Kyoto Pop Culture Kyoto Kyoto Pikachu Kyoto Pokemon Center

Otaku Kyoto 0 (0)

Tokyo, of course, is known for its Anime, Manga, pop culture -- but what about Kyoto? When I toted my Anime-loving daughter along to Kyoto, I was worried that she would simply hang out at the AirBNB which, largely, she did. But we did find some loosely "Otaku" things to do in Kyoto (my daughter's objection to the term duly noted).
One of the Snickelways of York

Snickelways and Walls: Walking York’s Passages 0 (0)

When I was growing up I used to play in Alleyways -- but York has Snickelways, which are more than just alleys. Snickelways are narrow passages between buildings that locals use to take shortcutes to navigate the city faster. And York's still-standing walls are, perhaps, its largest Snickelway.