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Our shop is moving.

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We are discontinuing our shop...sort of. Here's a bit more about why.

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This is just a quick post to say that our shop is going away. Or, rather, that it’s moving.

When we started making stuff, it was under the name “A Bit of Wow,” but we folded our shop into this website to save time and consolidate (so we thought).

But if we’re going to continue to make random things and sell them online, and want our own website to do so, we’ve decided we want the flexibility to make things outside of the range of PNW/travel/outdoorsy stuff.

So A Bit of Wow is opening back up again, as well as being a place we can post on those other topics that don’t belong here.

This is effective almost immediately. We’ll be away for a few days, but our shop is moving off this site ASAP.

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