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And, maybe, we’ll follow in your if you’d like to submit a route.

Below are our collections of “places” — which are different than posts in that they contain maps.

Some are maps of routes we’ve taken — favorite hikes, road trip stops, etc. Others are collections. Collections of geeky places in Kyoto, for instance, or lavender farms in Sequim, WA.

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Map Collections

  Apr 4, 2021     0
We love maps! These are all of the multi-location maps on our website. Generally, they’re Google Maps with custom markers to accompany some of our


  Apr 8, 2021     0
This is the archives page for all of the routes (not just posts about routes but the routes with actual maps). Some feature user-generated markers.

Treehouse Map

  Apr 23, 2021     0
Map of treehouse rental locations, with user-submitted map markers.

Do you want to add a route?

If you have a route you’d like to share, please submit it as a post and include the addresses for where the map markers should be.

If you’d like to add to one of our existing maps, you will find that many of them accept user-generated markers

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