The forests of the PNW are beautiful. However, in the last 10 years, “more than 13% of old growth forests have been lost to deforestation,” according to a press release from California-based instrumental artist JONO.


JONO recently released an instrumental music video, “North.” The video both shows some of the natural beauty of our area and aims to support preservation efforts. 100% of track sales made via Bandcamp are going to support environmental group Conservation Northwest. Filming locations in the video include  spots in the California redwoods as well as Oregon locations including Samuel H Boardman Park, Toketee Falls, North Silver Falls, Washington (Bellingham Bay) and the Capilano Suspension Bridge in North Vancouver BC.

You can embrace, enjoy, and seek nature, but can’t force it to your will or else you will lose it.

“As I’ve begun to write more about nature and our environment,” reflects JONO. “I’ve had this fear that it won’t be around much longer because of our behavior and how it is treated. And that’s the tension behind North. In the video, I’m chasing a woman (Sammy Bulka); she portrays the welcoming arms of mother nature and I show how humans still don’t know how to completely treasure that. You can embrace, enjoy, and seek nature, but can’t force it to your will or else you will lose it.”

A previous music video, Zion, received a People’s Choice award at the Bellingham Film Festival in 2017.

To buy the track or follow on social media:

You can click here to view and buy the digital track on Bandcamp (proceeds going toward Conservation Northwest), but you can also find JONO’s music on Spotify. JONO also has social media profiles on Facebook and Instagram.

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