Sometimes life seems to want to stop you in your tracks. I’ll write another, longer, post on this sometimes.

Overall, my life is pretty good. People have much worse things going on.

However, I was looking forward to this, the summer of one of the “big birthdays” in life, being one of exploring, camping, and the like. I was working on a longer kayaking post and video but…

Suddenly I seemed to be dealing with a confluence of events slowing down my momentum on some of my projects. I won’t go into too many details but I’ll classify them generally as:

  • Difficult extended family member who I was spending time trying to assist yet sabotaged all of my efforts. I learned “just say no” is an option.
  • Collision between my loved Subaru and the house (not my doing). The car won but both are damaged. This comes after putting stuff in storage for the family member mentioned above. I now cannot easily get the excess stuff out of the garage and I totally cannot get my scooter out as a second vehicle while my car is in the shop. I also cannot get my kayaks out so there goes the kayaking post I was working on.

All this was threatening my upcoming rooftop tent camping road trip that I had been planning. But it looks like it’s a “go.” The car should at least be back soon and ready to go.

So, if all goes well, I’ll be back on the road soon.

I’m planning for this trip to be a more relaxing and “mindful” sojourn. Yes, I’ll be bringing my phone and my camera and sometimes checking emails.

But I plan to have frequent, lovely, bouts of unavailability. I plan to spend some time with paper books, hang out in hammocks, write in notebooks, sketch with pencils instead of computer pens.


True, there’s also a chance it could rain, I could get soaked, the list goes on…I guess that’s what adventure is about!

Anyway, if you do leave a comment or message and I don’t respond, I will in due time.

While I’m away I have posts scheduled to post and, when I return, I hope to get back to writing more content about the Pacific Northwest. I have much more to write about than time to write it!