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Writers’ Guidelines and Event Submissions

Writers guidelines for submitting a post on PNW&Beyond.

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Thank you for your interest in contributing content to this website. So we can keep everything straight and in one place, we’ve moved all of our writers’ guidelines and terms and conditions for submitting content, including event submissions, to this page. Please read on and, if you have a question, that’s not answered here or in one of our FAQs, please use the “Ask a Question” button on our FAQ page to submit one.

This relates to non-sponsored content. If you want a sponsored post which promotes a product or service, please refer to our FAQ section.

Who Can Submit Content?

Anyone can submit content to this website, but you must first register and log in before submitting content, with the exception of community event submissions, which may be submitted without logging in.

However, if you log in before contributing an event, you’ll have access to it for future editing.

What types of content do you accept?

Our preferred subjects related to the Pacific Northwest US — places, people, things to do, places to stay, etc as well as travel. We also love posts about photography, outdoor activities and gear.

We also have an events calendar and accept PNW events from community contributors.

However, we also have off-content posts and do accept some content on other subjects, but may limit the number of types of posts we add in these areas. We also welcome vegetarian and pescetarian recipes — particuarly ones that are for camping, quick-and-easy prep on the trail, etc.

We also accept local routes — hiking, cycling, etc and book reviews on subjects related to the PNW, travel, places — however loosely.

We are not scary (at least we don’t think we are) and would welcome even short posts that are written in readable English on topics from opinions about Seattle from those who’ve just visited to fun stuff you did on your last vacation to your favorite sugar cookie recipe.

HOWEVER, we will not accept posts that require extensive editing on our. part and..we’re not sure how to put this, language that seems excessively cloying or promotional (i..e. a post which repeatedly said a certain place would “produce smiles.”) or posts about things that seem suspicious to us (i.e. a place that “helps” you get a faster passport).

We have different standards, of course, for main posts vs. routes or wiki entries or event contributions.

Events submitted by community contributors must either take place or be organized in or about the PNW OR be online and on topics pertaining to travel, photography, the outdoors, etc.

You MUST have the authority to use your content. If it’s a repost from somewhere else, please provide the link of the original post. If your images are not your own, please use appropriate credit. For instance, you don’t need to credit images from free services like Pexels or Unsplash, but if you use an image from Flickr make sure it’s available under a creative commons license and make the appropriate credit.

Where can I Submit Content?

You can find the right form to submit your content from our writers page.

Will I get paid for my contribution? Do I need to pay?

Currently, we do not have the budget for paid posts, unless by special arrangement. We also do not ask you to pay to post on this website UNLESS your post directly promotes a product or service (see sponsored posts).

How will I know if my post was accepted?

You should get an automated email when you’ve successfully submitted your post. If we have any questions, we’ll contact you via email to ask them. Otherwise, you’ll get another automated email when your post is published or declined.

If you’re an event contributor, you’ll just get an email when your event is published. For event contributors who regularly submit events, so we know who you are, we

I want to propose the following topics for your blog…

We do not respond to emails with a list of proposed topics. If you would like to submit a post to this website, please use the appropriate form and we’ll review it.

Will there be ads on my post?

As you can see, we do use contextual advertising on this website. We run a blog because we like to, but it does cost money. We run ads in hope that our blog income will outweigh the expenditures. So we show ads on posts and events on this website. Yes.

Will I be given author credit?

Of course! For events, if you submit them anonymously, it will be only given under the organizer information you add. But for anyone submitting content as a logged-in user, you’ll get an author box in the sidebar. And most post types will also have author credit in the header.

What about links?

While, for sponsored posts, we mark links as sponsored, for community-contributed posts and events, we selectively choose how to tag the links. Many will be dofollow, but if it’s a link to a product or promotion, we’ll likely nofollow it.

Note that you can also add information to your user profile on this website, including your website link. However, our user profiles do mark links as nofollow.

Will you promote my post on social media?

We’re resuming posts to social channels, and do try to post new content, events, etc to our email list and social media channels, but we can make no guarantees as to how much, if any we will do for community-submitted posts. You, however, are free to share to your heart’s content!

So to wrap up:

By contributing a post, you’re acknowledging the above and that we can choose to remove content if we see fit. Generally, posts will remain for the life of this blog — except in the case of event submissions where old events that do not recur year after year will get removed at some point after the event is completed. And you acknowledge that we can refuse to publish content for any reason.

Thanks for your interest!

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