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Suggesting a PNWWiki Entry

To suggest an entry or edit to a glossary (PNWWiki) category, you can do so from the Suggest a Term page. We plan to add a tab in your user profile as well, along with a dashboard of your entries.

Please keep in mind the following as you suggest an entry:

  1. Entries are exclusively about the Pacific Northwest. We may be adding some additional categories from what you find initially, but entries will be in one of generally broad categories:
    1. Area nature and wildlife.
    2. “Lost” places; places that used to be and are no more.
    3. Unique buildings.
    4. Local people, historic figures
    5. Local websites that might be helpful to site visitors (we are selective about this category, however).
    6. Local towns and cities
    7. Local routes. In fact, we’ll be gradually moving our “places,” maps, and routes over to this section.
  2. We reserve the right to decline a suggested term for any reason.
  3. Please ensure that you’re not submitting something that’s already here! If you are, we might consider it an edit and use it to edit an already existing item.
  4. Other users may add to or suggest edits to your entries. We may also add to your entry, supplement with Wikipedia content, or add a photo gallery. We may also add a map, when appropriate. In some cases, we may open up map marker additions to site visitors on a particular map.
  5. Please don’t use this section for the purposes of advertising. While we MIGHT decide to add a few famous local eateries, for instance, to the mix, we don’t plan to make this a business directory.
  6. Please allow us ample time to review your suggestion.
  7. Comments and reviews show on term pages.
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