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We realize that our website has a granola-like mixture of content. We’ve tried to customize our options so you only get the emails you want to get from us at the frequency you want, as much as possible.

That’s hard to do on a short form, so we put this one here to make it easier to customize your options on signup!

Of course, you can always change your preferences later or unsubscribe from a link in any email we send.

Customize Your EMail Preferences

If you subscribe from our short form on posts on our website, you’ll end up subscribed to be notified of every post in our main website categories — but we realize subscribers may want less frequent emails, or email about upcoming events, or even off topic post notifications.

So we’ve included this form to make it easier to customize your preferences on signup.

Only your name and email are required, other fields are optional. You can choose as many of the options as you wish. But note:

  • If you choose “I want it all!” and “Update me of each new post in my interest categories, you’ll end up getting notified of all posts in our primary categories. If you also want to opt in to off-topic post notifications or posts about WordPress or blogging, you need to specifically opt in to those.
  • Event notifications are weekly and you get notified of events we recently added to our calendar that week. We’re only doing this for particular areas in Western Washington, currently.
  • If you want only post notifications in a very specific category or event notifications for an area that we don’t serve as much, we can do that! You just need to contact us.
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