Westeros and Beyond: Game of Thrones Food, Fashion, and 10 Souvenirs You SIMPLY MUST Take Home From Your Westeros Adventures

by | Apr 12, 2019 | Food, Humor, Wandering Mind | 0 comments

Westeros and Beyond: Game of Thrones Food, Fashion, and 10 Souvenirs You SIMPLY MUST Take Home From Your Westeros Adventures

by | Apr 12, 2019 | Food, Humor, Wandering Mind | 0 comments

I missed April Fools because I was traveling in Westeros Japan, but am cranking this post out before the final season of Game of Thrones starts on Sunday. Here’s my “Game of Thrones travel blog” post about experiencing some of what Westeros has to offer including fashionfood and drink (with links to some Game of Thrones recipes sites) and the best Game of thrones gifts and  souvenirs from the Seven Kingdoms (and beyond). Then back to working on travel, PNW, and event posts.

Also, a word of warning — there’s just a bit of strong language later in this post. But if you’re truly offended by that why are you watching Game of Thrones?

This article contains some affiliate links.  That means if you click on a link that is an affiliate link, and then make a subsequent purchase, I get a small commission which helps me support this blog (and justify it to the powers-that-be).

Traveling the Seven Kingdoms

In truth, I didn’t get much past King’s Landing…or what that London or York. I longed to see the Dornish sea…or the Dothraki one at least. But there are some places to add to my bucket list that appear so like to the places in Westeros: Croatia, Ireland, Malta…

There are plenty of tours that take you to Westeros (or, rather, these places that are like it in appearance. I’m not usually into long tours, but day excursions can be fun!

Fashion Trends in the Seven Kingdoms

These days everyone seems to be rockin’ the Daenerys look whether it be Dothraki Dany or the Mhysa look. In fact, there seemed to be at least a 3:1 Khaleesi-to-Khal ratio.

Others are finding that the power bitch dress of Cersei better fits their moods.

If you want Seven Kingdoms style, or even if you want to rock that Dornish look, Etsy and even Amazon are good places to start.

Whatever your style, you will do what a queen does and RULE!

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The Languages of Westeros

Before I set out on my adventure, I decided it was important to study some of the language of the places I’d be visiting. so I started studying with Duolingo a week before my trip. That’s enough time to learn another language, right? So many tongues spoken in the known world! So I chose High Valyrian because it’s available on Duolingo (but I note that Living Language offers Dothraki. Get with the game, Duo!)

I now know not only “Valar Morghulis,” but also how to say things like “you have a pretty duck” in High Valyrian which, of course, is so useful when you are being threatened while traveling on the King’s Road. But now, of course, every day it’s, “It’s time for your daily High Valyrian lesson!” and “Learning a new langugage only takes 5 minutes.” Sigh.

Food of Westeros

Joffrey Baratheon with Pigeon Pie from Game of Thrones

I was disappointed to find that some of the dishes I had been so looking forward to tasting — pigeon pie for instance — weren’t readily available for peasants like me. But I did try several types of street food, eating so much in the way of bowl o’brown, unborn puppy on a stick, and hot pies that I was, like, #gonnahaveafoodbaby!

If you want to eat like you’re in Westeros (perhaps you’re having a party to keep up on the happenings in the Seven Kingdoms with your friends and family?) you’re in luck. I was thinking of posting my own recipes, but there is already so much already available, I think I’ll just list my favorites.

But first, the cookbooks: several are available to get you ready for your party:


There are also some great resources online for sampling the food and drink of Westeros:


1. Feast of Starlight

Feast of Starlight is my favorite Game of Thrones recipe site because the food is so beautifully presented. Who knew pigeon pie would look so good?

2. Taste of Home

They have some recipes ready for your party. Some, like hot pies, are straight out of Westeros, others seem to be more loosely based on the series (i.e. red velvet cake = red woman cake).

3. Inn at the Crossroads

They have recipes organized by region.. So, for instance, if you want Dornish recipes vs those from The North, you’re in luck.

4. Thrillist

The Thrillist has a number of recipes for your party. I haven’t tried them, but love them for their names: “Meatloaf on a Stick Them With The Pointy End” and “F**k the King Crab” are examples.

5. Food 52

Food 52 has thirteen recipes which look great.

Drink and Know Things

Tyrion Lannister Drinking. Drink and Know Things

I find when I drink I know many things and am infinitely more attractive and interesting. Funny, but my husband says he experiences the same thing about me when he drinks!

In fact, I think Westeros has inspired more drink recipes than food recipes. Here are some beverages you can put in your Westeros souvenir mug:

1. Buzzfeed

Buzzfeed has a list of 17 cocktails from the White Walker to the Red Viper.

2. Chowhound

They have some drink recipes for your Season 8 party.

3. Delish

Not recipes — they have a drinking game. I don’t play drinking games or drink too much at all but would be tempted to chug down an entire bottle of White Walker if I see the Night King sitting on the Iron Throne.

4. Geek Girl Authority

Has 15 tempting cocktail recipes to try.

5. Spoon University

There are five recipes to try here, but the last one caught my eye: “Tyrion’s Wildfire Shot,” in which the vodka gets lit up at the end.


brothel from game of thronesLodging is difficult to find in the Seven Kingdoms or abroad in Braavos, Dorne, and Elsewhere. I did not feel safe booking an AirBNB in Vaes Dothrak, and none were to be found, anyway.

So I decided to just show up and take what I could get — which was staying at this sketchy place owned by a dude called Littlefinger. I mean, ewww, what kind of name is that? Not recommended! I hid in my room! Very noisy at night and absolutely NO bathrobes to be had, so I couldn’t take 50 photos of myself in a bathrobe for this travel blog post. Sorry followers!

In our world, though, there are a few places you can stay to connect with Westeros. The Game of Thrones Guesthouse in Portstewart, Ireland does not appear to have rooms that would make you think you’re staying at the Eyrie, for instance, which is disappointing — but you will find scenery nearby that might look amazingly like places in Westeros.

Sadly, I missed my chance (not that I ever had a chance) to stay at the Game of Thrones Ice Hotel in Finland.

If you’re interested in magical places to stay outside of Westeros and are in the PNW, might I suggest some hobbit houses?

10 Souvenirs You SIMPLY MUST Bring Back from Your Trip to Westeros

While my favorite “souvenir” is my Daenerys POP Figure (because it was a gift from my family), there are many items to be found online if you can’t actually travel to the Seven Kingdoms.

You can get great Westeros souvenirs on Etsy, many of them handcrafted, and even find some decent ones on Amazon. Here are a few of my favorites:

Relive the Good Ol’ Days in Westeros

Relive Your Trip to Dorne

Drink and Know Things

If You Want to Wear a Power Bitch Dress, You Gotta Have a Power Bitch Face

Farm-Kitchen Charm Gone Terribly Wrong

Don’t Try This at Home

The Great Westeros Baking Show

Drink More and Know Even More Things

Express Yourself — Because Everyone Else is Also Entitled to Your Opinion

Remember House Tyrell

To see more of Westeros, you’ll just have to watch Game of Thrones…but, for now, I leave you with this not great video clip of a guy in York (a great place to go if you can’t go to the Seven Kingdoms) playing the Game of Thrones theme on piano.