Olympic Peninsula Birdfest


Written by: Cheryl


Annual birding festival based in Sequim.
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This is a past event! But check back...if it's one that happens every year, we may update the date for next year when we know when it is.
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April 11, 2024 - April 14, 2024    
All Day

Where ?

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Dungeness River Nature Center
1943 W Hendrickson Rd
Sequim, Washington

Event Description

The North Olympic Peninsula is a great area for bird watching — as is much of the PNW!

This Spring birding festival is timed to catch part of the Spring migration.

Attendees must register for each event — and there are many from field trips to lectures to cruises — and each event has its own price, so we did not list a cost here for the festival as a whole.

And as such, events are held in many different places. We’ve listed the Dungeness River Nature Center, here, as the location for convenience and because that is where the banquet and keynote speaker takes place.

The featured image for the event, here, is one of our own photos of a bald eagle as the event didn’t have a specific logo available.

Olympic Peninsula Birdfest

Other Event Info

Reservations required? Pre-registration required
Age restrictions? All ages/Family-Friendly
Dress code? None listed

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