On March 23, a stay at home order was issued by Gov. Inslee in WA lasting beginning on March 26 and lasting until April 6 (with a possible extention beyond that as necessary). The COVID-19 crisis has also made it difficult for us to update all of our events in a timely manner, though we are doing so bit by bit. Know that if an event appears here during this time, unless it’s an essential event, it is CANCELLED. Please…just STAY HOME unless necessary (i.e. you’re in one of the essential businesses or going for groceries or such.) If you need to walk, keep 6′ away from others. Please take this seriously. This is serious! Yes, it is tough, but social distancing is the most effective means for all of us to get through this tough time with the fewest deaths.
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Rhythm and Rhyme | works by John Dempcy

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Contemporary Art Gallery Online Announces an International Call for Artists to Participate in the 6th Annual 2020 “ALL Women Artist” Art Competition & Exhibition

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Frozen the Musical

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Frozen the Musical