Event Cancelled or Removed

We’re sorry, this event has been removed from our calendar. It may be a cancellation, or it may just have been removed for some other reason.

During this time with so many event cancellations, date changes, or events being converted to virtual events, it’s hard to keep up with every change.

There are some events that do not reflect a cancellation on the organizer’s website that we are removing for now anyway because they do not reflect social distancing practices to help slow the spread of this disease — but we may not have got to all events yet.

And if (let’s hope) the current situation is less prolonged than it is looking like it will be, I may not get every event back on the calendar.

If social distancing is prolonged, I may not be able to continue to run and grow this event calendar, even after restrictions are removed. If that happens, it’s my hope to continue Pacific Northwest and Beyond in its format as a blog, which uses considerably less time and resources than this event calendar. But I enjoy having this feature here and hope to be able to get back to actively listing events in the near future.

Whatever the status of an event, please implement social distancing on your own to slow the spread of the virus and protect those who are vulnerable.

For Washington State information and updates, please visit the governor’s page for up to date information on restrictions.

Thank you.

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