discount seattle event tickets

These are discount event tickets through Goldstar. Pacific Northwest and Beyond, LLC is an affiliate partner of Goldstar. If you click a ticket link and make a subsequent purchase, we get a small commission that helps to offset the costs of running this site.

We’re sorry, we’ve removed this content for now.

We previously had special offers on local events from Goldstar on this page. However, we were having difficulty with their plugin and so, for now, we’ve decided to remove it. There aren’t local events happening right now, anyway…except online. And Goldstar is still offering some online events, both local and national. You can click the link above to see what they’re currently offering.

Hopefully in the future, events will resume and we’ll still be running our calendar. However, COVID-19 affects our ability to generate income from this website and running a calendar takes a lot of resources — which takes funds. If our calendar survives, we will plan to resume the special offers on this page when more events resume and the technical issue is resolved.

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