COVID-19 Resources to Check for Valid Information

When I first wrote the post that used to be here, restrictions were just beginning and I wrote it on questions I had and answers I found about my travel questions related to COVID-19.

Events have and are evolving too rapidly to keep information up to date across the board. I’ve encountered a ton of misinformation and unreasonable ideas on social media regarding the current situation and don’t want to add to the mix. While I am working on a very specific post related to one issue and am awaiting an authoritative response on the subject, I’ve decided to just start compiling some useful resources to consult about the subject here.

Come back shortly; I’m redirecting the other post I wrote on COVID to this one.

Travel Information

  • The Covid-19 Refund Tracker: Is a website tracking refunds from major airlines and hotels. Still, it would be best to check with your specific provider.
  • The US Department of State’s Travel Advisories page is a resource to check about their “Advisory level” related to travel. At this time, mid-March 2020, however, some countries there are marked as a low level of risk. I’m going to add my own comment here and that, mid-March 2020 I’d consider any travel as not practicing social distancing. Remember, it’s not just for you — it’s to proect the health of others who may be more vulnerable.
  • The New York Times has information on current travel restrictions due to COVID-19.

Washington State Information

  • Visit Governor Jay Inslee’s coronavirus page for authoritative information about current state measures passed due to coronavirus. And if you’re wondering how many cases are in your local area, check the department of healh page for your individual county. My county, for instance, is showing the number of positive and negative tests and is updated daily.

Information on Social Distancing Measures

General and National Information

How are we handling travel posts at this time?

I write about travel, among other things. I’ve asked myself if I should continue to let scheduled posts publish as planned during this difficult time. I’ve decided to go ahead — eventually travel will resume and those posts will be there. I am not recommending anyone go travel NOW. Local events are being cancelled. Some cancelled outright, some are being rescheduled. I’m trying to keep up on changes as they happen, but it’s rapidly evolving. We’re continuing to publish local far-future events and am working to check and edit any event happening in the next month or so. But if you look at events on our calendar, please check with the organizers on the event status, adhere to local restrictions and use your common sense and practice social distancing measures to protect everyone.

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Cheryl Dimof
Cheryl lives in the small Norwegian-esque town of Poulsbo, WA with her spouse, one of two young adult daughters, an old mutt, and a Siamese cat. She was an Occupational Therapist, but she'd rather be writing -- right now, she's blogging on this and a couple of other sites and does the occasional small web design project for a client. She's trying to un-couch-potato herself again.

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