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Thanks for your interest in us. Here's how to connect with us on social media and subscribe.
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Connect with Us on Social Media

Welcome to PNW & Beyond. Here’s how to connect with us on social media.

Thanks for visiting PNW & Beyond and for your interest. Here’s more about how to connect with us on social media or subscribe via email or other channels.

We like a bunch of different things — so we publish a bunch of different types of content. But most of it, in some way, is about things to do in the PNW, outdoor activities (our favorite is cycling), local events, routes, places, local lore. Books about any of the above. Oh, and photography.

Click the button to sign up for our email newsletters or scroll down to learn more about what we post to various social media channels and learn how to connect with us on social media (with more information soon to come).


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Our Social Channels

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On our Facebook page we post most everything including events from our calendar.


Instagram is, of course, image-centric. On Instagram, we’ve stopped posting events from our calendar we havent’ attended, but we post posts, photos, etc.


We mostly autopost to X these days, to be honest.


Mastodon is new to us, so we’re just exploring how we’re going to use it. Right now we’re Mastodon-curious and so have chosen to be on the server rather than an PNW-specific one.


We are getting back to posting most of our stuff on Pinterest, including items from our shop. We don’t post events unless they are special ones that recur year after year.


Yep, we have an Etsy shop. Generally, we’d recommend that you get our items in our own shop, but if you feel more comfortable on Etsy…that’s great, too.

Whats App

We do have Whats App as an alternate way of contact. Please do not use it to spam us, however.


Discord makes it hard to link to your profile! “Our” Discord account is my personal one. You can find me on Discord as @pnwcheryl


I had a Flickr account for along time that I deleted as I could not change the name. So I just started a new one for this blog — with the intention of mostly using it for things like event photos. I also have a personal Flickr account.


Our username at Threads is the same as Instagram as they are both Meta-owned. Right now we’re in the Threads-curious stage and have an account because it’s there.


“Our” Linkedin account is Cheryl’s personal one which needs updating! We really don’t use Linkedin much and don’t post blog posts to it. We might use it more if we ever decide to start doing web design or other services again.


We really like Flipboard and have a number of magazines which we plan to start attending to more again in the near future.


We’ll be posting several types of content on our YouTube channel: PNW places, travel clips, gear reviews, photography info.


“Our” Reddit account is Cheryl’s personal one. We like Reddit for the obvious reasons that it’s a great place to get opinions on just about everything.

We don’t generally share blog posts to Reddit, but rather use it for just discussion of some topics — some of which relate to things on this website (bikes?)

Frequently Asked Questions

We added a FAQ section here specifically about social and how to connect with us on social media — you can also find all FAQs on this page. You may use the button below if you want to ask a question. We do moderate questions first, so please only submit once.

  • Tell me more about your social media accounts.

    OK, we’ll admit we just added this so we’d have something showing in the section on our FAQ page and other places where this appears.

    To know more about our social accounts, visit this page. Or use the Ask a Question button to ask a question.

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