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What is your return policy?


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What is the return policy for the shop?

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Here's our return policy in a nutshell:

Physical Products

For physical products, we offer a 30 day (from date of purchase) return policy if you are not happy with the item or change your mind.
Refunds in such a case will be for the product minus our shipping charges.
Products must be unused and returned in the condition they were shipped, including any gift boxes or interior packing included with the product.

If the product was damaged in shipping, we'll process a full refund plus shipping costs.

Downloadable Products

If we offer downloadable products such as graphics or photos for purchase, we will not
process refunds or returns for such orders due to the nature of the product. If you
have an issue, we'll do our best to work it out with you.

Affiliate Products

From time to time we may list affiliate products alongside our own -- applicable products that we've found and liked and think you might, too.
Such products will be clearly marked as such. As we are not the sellers of such products, if you make a purchase you are subject to the return policy of the seller and the seller's website.

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